Professional Electrical Handyman Services

Is your commercial office space or property experiencing electrical issues? Our team of electrical handymen at MOM Cleaning are here to help with any and all small electrical improvements you need to make. You can rely on us to get the job done safely, quickly, and with utmost professional care. 

Our electrical handyman can do:

  • Small Electric Jobs
  • Hanging Light Fixture Replacement
  • Light Bulb Fixture Replacement 
  • Exterior Light Fixtures Replacement 
  • Kitchen Light Fixtures Replacement
  • And more!

And the best part is that we can take care of your commercial electrical repair work at the same time as we clean and sanitize your workspace. 

Professional Electrical Handyman Services

What can an electrical handyman do?

An electrical handyman is a handyman that specializes in smaller-scale electrical projects for commercial properties. Electrical handymen are able to complete any type of electrical improvement that does not require the services of a licensed electrician, and there are many such tasks.

Need a new smoke detector installed? Looking to replace light fixtures in your office? Don’t spend a pretty penny on a licensed electrician to do these smaller-scale jobs. Turn to an electrical handyman like MOM CLEANING instead.

Trust us with electrical work in your office space

Our team of handyman electricians have years of experience helping businesses and commercial property owners keep the lights on.

Commercial ceiling fan installation

When your ceiling fan stops working or you want to finish a renovation with a new ceiling fan, give us a call. MOM Cleaning takes all the precautions necessary to ensure your ceiling fan is looking and working the way it should.

Commercial light fixture installation and repair

When the light fixtures feel out of place or no longer serve their purpose, we can replace them for you. MOM Cleaning helps you transform any room with quick and efficient light fixture installation services. Replacing light fixtures can be dangerous – so leave it to us!

Dimmers, trimmers, and motion detectors

Enjoy ultimate control over lighting in your business property. It’s an easy upgrade! If the dimmers, trimmers, or motion detectors have stopped working in your commercial property or, we can fix them for you.

Smoke detectors installation

Give MOM Cleaning a call to deal with any and all your smoke detector issues, from installation to repair. It can be complicated and sometimes risky to install new smoke detectors. We have the experience and tools to do it for you!

Hard to reach light bulbs replacement

If you don’t feel safe on a ladder or you simply can’t reach certain bulbs, leave it to us. MOM Cleaning can replace light bulbs in every room. Rather than risk your health and safety, give us a call and one of our handyman experts will bring light back to your office, workspace, or in no time.

Exterior light fixtures replacement

Illuminate your front- and back-yard spaces with lighting that suits your taste. MOM Cleaning specializes in replacing old lighting units on garages, porches, front yards, and back yards. We know how to diagnose exterior lighting problems and replace fixtures or bulbs so that you don’t have to.

Kitchen light fixtures replacement

Don’t spend another day in a poorly lit kitchen. Leave it to MOM Cleaning to replace kitchen light fixtures that are no longer working the way they should – or no longer serving the right aesthetic purpose. If you have a new kitchen light fixture that you would like to install in your kitchen, then give us a call!

Handyman Electrical License

Our electrical handymen are qualified for any small-scale electrical jobs in commercial properties. Our team is experienced in all areas of repair, maintenance, or replacement of existing electrical systems. This is in accordance with the Construction Code in Quebec.

Why call for professional electrical handyman services?

If you have any minor electrical repairs to make to your office space, we are here to help. When you work with MOM Cleaning you are guaranteed reliable, efficient, and quality work, all at affordable rates. Our electrical handyman services are second to none. Find out why by contacting us today! 

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