Hiring Professional Cleaners: Saving you time and money

When it comes to keeping your business looking spick and span, you have many options. You can have designated on site staff, you can have it be part of the employees’ tasks, or you can outsource help from professional janitorial companies. Chances are, your employees are busy enough as it is, so burdening them with extra tasks wouldn’t be very beneficial to you. Designated on site staff might seem like the best idea for making sure the office is always clean, but having these staff means adding an extra burden to your plate. On top of the hundreds of jobs you have to do to keep your business running smoothly, having on-site janitorial staff means that you have that many more bodies to hire, schedule, take care of, and worry about. And don’t forget, there’s all the supplies they need to get the job done and the instruction for what needs to be done.

For busy businesspeople who want to focus on their growing businesses, adding more burden to their employees or to themselves isn’t a strategic idea. The best and most effective (both cost and time) is hiring a professional janitorial service to get the job done. While it may seem like your dishing out more money up front, in the long run, you’ll actually be saving money! Here’s why:

  1. Professionals do the job professionally, meaning that these are trained individuals who know how to do the job properly and thoroughly.
  2. Professional cleaning companies supply their staff with all the proper cleaning tools so that business owners don’t have to worry about buying all those products.
  3. Business owners can order any supplies that they need on site through the company, saving them time and money.
  4. Professional cleaning companies come with solutions for reducing waste in the office such as installing hand driers instead of paper towel dispensers, switching to foam soap dispensers, or creating more central garbage and recycling stations in the office.
  5. Professional cleaners know how to do the things business owners may not even think to ask for such as: weather proofing, duct cleaning and window cleaning.
  6. Professional janitorial services can go above and beyond, providing preventative maintenance as well, such as twice a year carpet cleaning which increases the longevity of the carpets in the office.
  7. Professionals keep communal areas shining – these are the areas of the office where everyone gathers and the spaces that everyone shares. Keeping them shining is important for keeping up staff morale and also for getting rid of potential germs.
  8. Professional companies have employees who are always available! When you go with a professional company, you know that you can rely on them, even in an emergency.

Owning a business is stressful enough, why let cleaning and maintenance add to the stress? Cleanliness and maintenance of the office shouldn’t be compromised, nor should they become the burden of the employees, who are already busy working hard. Business owners want to increase productivity, as well as save on time and money; hiring a professional janitorial service is just one way business owners can do all of these!

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