Hidden Perks of Owning a Business

People all over the country are constantly in the pursuit of owning their own business. With thousands of new businesses being founded every year, there has to be more behind the whole “being your own boss” than being your own boss. So what are these perks that new business owners are after? Here are some that we happen to agree very strongly with.

  1. Conceptualizing YOUR idea/passion project: So you came up with an idea and guess what? It’s actually being put into motion. The business that you thought of, that you dreamed of having is actually a reality.
  2. Hire the people YOU want on your team: You can finally have the opportunity to have the final say on whom you surround yourself with in the workplace. Bringing on people who you believe in and who you know will get the job done.
  3. Develop those skills: maybe you’ve been working on specialized skills at your other jobs, but when you own your own business, you force yourself to build your interpersonal skills, public speaking and communication skills.
  4. Control your destiny: by owning your own business, you are the one who directs your company’s culture and potential growth.
  5. Work/life balance: being the boss is very demanding, but it also allows you to create your own schedule and the norms for the workplace
  6. Rise to the occasion and take on challenges: as a business owner, it is up to you to continually challenge yourself in order to help th
    e business grow.
  7. Connecting with the customers: while you might have employees who manage accounts and take on day-to-day client work, there’s always the opportunity for you to get to know your clients as well.
  8. Community work and giving back: now that you’re the boss, you’ll get to choose how you want to give back to the community through charity work or giving your support to community events.
  9. Pride: seems like a simple one, but many business owners, both small and large, feel strongly that pride is one of those amazing perks of the job.

Office manager and staff discussing cleaning tasksWith some pretty great benefits, and many others as well, do you think you would take the leap and own your own business?

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