Learn the 6 Phases of Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods

To achieve the quality of a professional carpet cleaning service, there is a huge difference in cleaning quality, and it is more than regular carpet cleaning like vacuuming once a week. 

Your carpets often experience high foot traffic — especially near entrances and stairways — and it is important to maintain their beautiful carpet appearance by cleaning them regularly, sometimes with quality cleaning products. This will also extend their life and keep your carpet looking at its best. 

The most basic maintenance entails having your carpet professionally deep cleaned at least once a year. Although it is important to highlight, that this general guideline has to be adjusted based on the traffic source and specifics of your carpet; such as the colour of the carpet, the type of carpet fibres, how often the carpet is vacuumed, and even if pets are allowed on the carpet, etc. 

Cleaning your Own Carpet VS Professional Cleaning Service 

Learn more about the process of carpet cleaning techniques before you hire professional carpet cleaners. This article will explain in-depth, each of the 6 cleaning phases of professional carpet cleaning systems and methods. 

In 6 easy to follow phases, learn how professional carpet cleaning technicians deep clean your carpet. 

  • Phase 1 — In-Depth Inspection of Your Carpeting 
  • Our technician will inspect the carpets you want to be cleaned before guiding you through the carpet cleaning process. The technician will be capable to answer any additional questions or concerns you may have about the cleaning process. The technician will assess the carpet’s overall condition and pinpoint any places, spots and tough stains due to pet messes for example, that need special attention. Depending on your space and your furniture, there may be items that will require to be moved. This aspect will be discussed with the owner or whoever else has the authority to approve the temporary displacement of the furniture to clean every part of the carpet in order to retrieve the original beauty of the carpet. 

    MOM Cleaning will move as much of the furniture out of the way that is required to get the job done. In the instance that heavy furniture was not moved prior to the cleaning appointment, the professional carpet cleaner is instructed to clean underneath to the best of his abilities. If he can’t get underneath the furniture, such as a safe, he will clean around the objects. 

  • Phase 2 — Light Pre-Cleaning of Very Dirty Areas 
  • Your carpet cleaning will start with a spot treatment for any areas that need special attention. Pre-cleaning treatment might be necessary depending on the state of the carpet. 

  • Phase 3 — Our Carpet Cleaning Process 
  • To clean your carpets professionally, we can use the Hot Water Extraction Technique, which involves injecting hot water deep into the carpet fibres and then extracts all the dirt through the powerful suction of the injected hot water. 

    This deep cleaning is the most effective method to get a clean carpet by removing dirt that has been pushed deep into the fibres by people walking on it for days on end. This process requires a lot of suction power to extract the dirt that is ingrained deep in your carpet, and the thicker the carpet, the more difficult it will be to achieve good cleaning results without a professional. 

    The hot water is quickly suctioned back, allowing the carpet to dry in a matter of hours and preventing mould growth. 

  • Phase 4 — Two Options: Deodorizing and Sanitizing
  • In certain unpleasant situations, such as bad odours, pet stains or plain old stubborn stain, deodorizing or sanitizing may be required to fully clean your carpeting depending on the type of stain. It’s also a safe way to avoid bacteria from developing in your carpets, which can cause further odour issues and potentially trigger allergies. 

    Some companies will steam the carpet to “refresh” the fibres of the carpet. Carpet Shampoo is not recommended since it may take longer to dry and can leave residue. 

  • Phase 5 — Professional Carpet Care Protection 
  • We also offer the option of protecting your carpet with a chemical shield, such as Scotchgard™,. This type of treatment helps to create a “guard” against undesirable grime. It will help prevent dirt accumulation within the fibres of your carpeting, will make vacuuming easier, and can prevent stains for an extended amount of time depending on the brand. We recommend this beneficial type of treatment for carpets and furniture that are new or in brand-new condition. 

  • Phase 6 — Last Inspection for Customer Satisfaction 
  • Before the job is deemed finished, the team will perform an inspection. Oftentimes, with the customer present if they are available, to give an excellent service and to ensure that the carpet is clean throughout and to their expectations and taste. If there are any visible spot stains remaining, the technicians may locate them for you and will recommend additional stain removal treatments that are not included with a standard carpet cleaning. This is partly due because that some cleaning agents or chemicals may be more difficult to remove. They will provide you with the best professional carpet cleaning solution

Following these basic six phases of the best professional carpet cleaning method will result in a fulfilling an enjoyable cleaning experience for all parties because they encourage consistency in communication and confidence in the work that can or cannot be done on your carpet. 

Looking to hire a great Professional Carpet Cleaning Experience? You want to know how long does professional carpet cleaning take ? 

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