Area Rug Cleaning Services

No matter how thorough your cleaning process may be, nothing matches the level of deep cleaning that area rug cleaning services offer.

To put it simply, going for an area rug cleaning service guarantees that you’ll be getting rug repair services too that will extend the life of your area rug. Cleaning and restorations are also guaranteed, so your rug will be as good as new.

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The Importance of Area Rug Cleaning Services

Professional carpet cleaning services offer a lot more than just stain removal. In fact, area rug cleaning services know exactly what your carpet needs in terms of professional rug cleaners, cleaning methods, cleaning solutions, and more.

Why Use Area Rug Cleaning Services

Time and Money Savings

Spending money on things like professional carpet cleaners and cleaning solutions could be quite expensive, especially if you have different types of rugs around the house. Additionally, if you have wool area rugs or silk rugs that aren’t so easy to clean, experienced cleaning technicians can tackle any rug you have in a timely manner.

That’s especially true for oriental rug cleaning. You might struggle to find the best cleaning technology for such a rug, but professionals at a carpet cleaning service know exactly what to do about those deep stains and how to remove trapped dust and debris.

Clean House or Office Appearance

Having your area rugs all clean and smelling fresh just boosts the overall appearance of the house. By hiring a professional cleaning team, you can get your rugs cleaned without going through the hassle of the cleaning process itself. Just sit back and enjoy having clean area rugs.

Our Solutions for Homes

In case you’re worried about the cleaning solution, soap, or stain removers, there’s nothing to worry about. Our rug care services ensure that all the solutions we use are non-toxic and pet-friendly products.

Whether you have pets or children at home, or if you’re sensitive to harsh cleaners, we assure you that you’ll end up with clean area rugs that are 100% safe for children, animals, and adults.

Area Rug Cleaning Examples

Our carpet cleaning services include cleaning all kinds of area rugs, be it a silk rug, a wool rug, a Persian rug, or even cotton rugs; we can handle it. We can also work with nylon, Olefin, or Acrylic carpeting.

What Are Area Rug Cleaning Services?

Types Of Area Rug Cleaning Services

Like we mentioned before, area rug cleaning services include cleaning, restoring, and protecting your rug, no matter its material or the type of stains it has. But bear in mind that wool carpet cleaning requires an important quantity of water sometimes and can take a very long to dry without equipment. Thus they can’t be always be cleaned at your home, and will need to be taken away for a few days to be washed in a plant. 

Our Area Rug Cleaning Methods

Steam Rug Cleaning

Steam cleaning uses hot water at high pressure and cleaning agents to get all the dirt and stains out. Then the carpet is left to dry on special drying racks. This approach will leave you with fresh and fluffed rugs without causing any damage to the rug.

Dry Rug Cleaning

There’s also carpet dry cleaning, which is a low moisture method. It’s the perfect method if you’re looking to extend the life of your area rug. Also, you’ll never end up with sticky carpets if you go for the dry cleaning approach.

Encapsulation Rug Cleaning

If you want a deep clean for your area rug, encapsulation cleaning is the way to go. This method will get rid of all dirt and debris efficiently, and the carpet will be dry and ready for use quite quickly.

Bonnet Rug Cleaning

Think of bonnet cleaning like it’s the carpet version of hard floor spray buffing.

What Is Included In Area Rug Cleaning Services?

First of All, Pre-Inspection

When contacting our team, experienced rug technicians will inspect your situation and walk you through everything you need to know.

Secondly, The Pre-Clean

Starting with a thorough industrial-strength vacuum, we make sure to remove all the surface-level dirt before beginning the cleaning process. Also, we spot-treat any tough stains.

Let’s Start the Cleaning Process

After inspecting your rug’s materials and stains, we’ll go for the best-fitting cleaning method. We also go as far as sanitizing your carpet if it needs that.

Long-Term Protection

We use chemical shields to extend your carpet’s lifespan. We’re more than a cleaning service.

All Done

Now the rug is left to dry on special drying racks, then the owner can come in for an inspection of the final results, and we’re all done.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning Equipment

When hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, they’ll know exactly the right equipment to use based on the type of stains or dirt and the material of the carpet itself.

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Our Area Rug Cleaning Services

How to Hire an Area Rug Cleaning Company?

If your carpet cleaning service of choice has a website, you can just visit it, and you’ll often find all you need to know to hire them. However, we strongly recommend you take a look at their policies before you settle.

How to Choose a Professional Area Rug Cleaning Service?

Start by asking friends and family for referrals. After that, start looking through their recommendations and looking for reviews and feedback online, and that’s the most crucial step.

Our Regular Area Rug Cleaning Plans

 If you’re looking to get your area rug cleaned regularly, we have plans just for that. Make sure you contact us with details about what you’re looking for, and we’ll find you the perfect deal that’s within your budget.

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We take pride in our company’s ability to clean any and every carpet you might have. So, to keep it simple, our cleaning service is the best one in Canada, and we mean it.

That depends on how big your carpet is and how much work it’ll require. Make sure you contact our team or give us a call with the details, and we’ll tell you how much you’ll be paying exactly. No hidden costs whatsoever.

Yes. Hiring a professional can save you a lot of effort, time, and money. Also, Area rug cleaning services know exactly what cleaner to use for your specific stains and carpet material to get the best results possible without damaging your rug.