Roof Cleaning Services

Roofs can provide solid defences against wind, snow, rain, the sun, and any extreme climate, but that’s only possible if it’s in good shape. With soot, dirt, ash, bacteria, and moss accumulation, roofs need regular cleaning.

And professional roof cleaning services, such as the ones offered by MOM Commercial Cleaning, can brighten your home’s exterior. They have the equipment and experience needed for a preventative maintenance program. So, follow along to learn all about them.

Roof Cleaning Services by top MOM handyman

The Importance of Roof Cleaning Services

Naturally, sap, dirt, moss, and a wide variety of debris types can accumulate, negatively impacting the life of your roof. To illustrate, these organic materials can encourage mold, lichen, and moss growth, which absorb moisture. Then, it can take its toll on your roof.

So, a regular roof wash service is crucial for your roof’s life span. Also, the inspection of the roof allows home and business owners to spot issues before they aggravate. In turn, this gives homeowners the time to allocate money towards any needed maintenance projects and enables them to prevent crises.

Is It Worth Getting Roof Professionally Cleaned?

Yes, hiring roof washing services is a worthwhile investment because most homeowners don’t have the tools, equipment, or experience needed for roof cleaning. For instance, they might use harsh chemicals that’ll damage their roofs. In comparison, professional roof washing services won’t; they can do an excellent job of cleaning your roof.

Moreover, a service knows how to handle roofs with shingles, tiles, wood, and elastomer. They’re also equipped for any roof type, either sloped or flat.

Why Use Roof Cleaning Services

Time and Money Savings

If you don’t clean your roof regularly or at all, you might find yourself having to get rid of it early on. About 1 in 3 houses have to replace their roofs prematurely. This process is going to need time, effort, and costly repairs.

Not to mention, if the mold and mildew on your roof are left unchecked, it may not even qualify for the roof’s warranty or the homeowner’s insurance. And if you’re thinking big, a dirty roof can undermine the resale value of the house. Accordingly, it’ll save you money and time to merely clean your roof or hire a roof cleaning service.

Roof Cleaning Appearance

A clean roof contributes to the overall curb appeal of the house. This investment maintains its aesthetic appeal and resale value. And looks do make a difference when you’re trying to sell a house. Otherwise, neglecting to clean your roof can leave streaks and discoloration on it. This eyesore will undermine the look of your house and won’t satisfy your home advisor.

Our Solutions

To ensure that you save money and time and keep your home at its finest state, you can hire our team. At MOM Commercial Cleaning, we have the solutions you require. That can be soft washing, specialty tools, or others; it all depends on the roofing material and condition of your roof.

So, contact us if you want a business to do an excellent job that’ll live up to your roof cleaning expectations. You can call us at +1 (866) 225 – 5666, or you can fill in our online form.

What Are Roof Cleaning Services?

A roof cleaning service removes dirt, debris, moss, mold, algae, and mildew that accumulate on rooftops from gutters, downspouts, decks, valleys, snow guards, and the areas behind the chimney. This service leaves you with a clean roof and your house in great shape.

Also, this service isn’t exclusive to residential properties, so you can hire it for your commercial building as well. As for the cleaning techniques, they vary according to your roof’s material. And of course, this roof cleaning service uses specialized equipment to do that, and they can also use eco-friendly roof cleaning chemicals.

Types of Roof Cleaning Services

In a way, there are as many types of roof washing services as there are types of roofs. And usually, roof washing services offer them all. These are cleaning:

  • Wood Shake and Shingles: Wood shake and shingles can be damaged with improper care. Also, this cleaning service is frequently needed because woods can grow roof moss or lichen, which could void your roof’s warranty.
  • Clay and Concrete Tile: Tiles are fragile and crack under pressure. So, a professional business can better handle them.
  • Cedar Shake and Shingle: Cedar needs to be clean to breathe, and it also requires specific techniques.
  • Slate Shingle: This maintenance type is critical because a slate shingle is delicate and expensive. It absorbs water and cleaves easily.
  • Metal: Cleaning metal roofs is vital to avoid rust and corrosion, but it requires a particular cleaning product or cleaning solution that’s safe to use on your roofing material. That’s why you need professional roof washing services.

Our Roof Cleaning Methods

Soft Washing

A soft wash is a low-intensity home exterior siding method that ensures your roof is clean without damage. That entails spraying the detergent onto the surface and is followed by scrubbing your roof free of debris, black stains, algae, bacteria, and so on. Its pump output is around 90-100 PSI to avoid damage, which makes it about as strong as a garden hose.

Pressure Washing

Only trained professionals can use this cleaning method. Pressure washing services are only used on select roof types for debris and moss removal if they’re excessive. However, they can’t use pressure washers on asphalt shingles, clay and concrete tiles, wooden shakes and shingles, and slate shingles.

Otherwise, you might damage the roof, leave your slates broken, lift and tear shingles, cause water leakage and discoloration, or erode paint and coatings.

What Is Included in Roof Cleaning Services?

Typically, roof washing services focus on cleaning moss from roof. But, of course, they also take care of algae, mold, mildew, leaves, and branches as previously mentioned. That involves soft washing but can require pressure washers. However, the benefits of this service can also extend to industrial degreasing, roof gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and more.

So, if you want to get your gutters cleaned, be sure to contact the company to inquire about the services they offer. Luckily, at MOM Commercial Cleaning, our numerous services include cleaning your gutters and so much more! Click here to learn more about it.

Professional Roof Cleaning Equipment

Roof washing services prioritize using safety equipment. Experts don’t rely only on sure footing. Instead, they have secured stand-offs and attachments. So, it’s improbable that any severe or life-threatening accidents should happen, even on slippery roofs.

Moreover, special equipment and tools are chosen according to your roof’s condition. And they contribute to its safety.

Roof Cleaning Examples

Roof cleaning examples are almost infinite. These services can do the job if you have pinched or flat roofs and if they’re made of slate, asphalt, tile, clay, metal, cedar shingles, hard surfaces, and more. Such a maintenance project is excellent for commercial and residential properties.

Our Roof Cleaning Services

How to Hire a Roof Cleaning Company?

There’s nothing as easy as hiring our services to do a thorough job of soft or power washing your roof. For one, you can give us a call at +1 (866) 225 – 5666. Otherwise, you can merely use our online form, and we’ll be in touch shortly. Then, we’ll give you a free quote for the price, and we can proceed from there. Also, ask if we service areas that cover your location.

How to Choose a Roof Cleaning Service?

Since your roof is an investment, you want roof washing services that’ll do a thorough job. Accordingly, you want a service with:

  • Experience: An unreliable company won’t last long in the industry. So, if a company has been in business for long, that’s a sign of great service. It also entails that its workers have experience.
  • License and Insurance: Insurance, namely Worker’s Comp code 5551, enables a team to work on a roof, but it doesn’t cover the worker. So, both insurance and liability are crucial if you don’t want to be open to liability for an injured worker or any property damages.
  • Guarantee: You know a service is confident in the job they do when they guarantee it. For instance, they might provide you with a 2-year warranty on their services.
  • Good Reputation: Ask the roof washing services if they can refer you to their customers. A great company won’t hesitate to do so. Then, ask their customers if the job was done right and on time. Furthermore, you can read unbiased reviews on the internet.
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Yes, it’s if you want your roof to remain in great shape. So, hire roof washing services once a year to protect your property and catch any issue early on.

On average, customers can expect to pay anything from $375 to $606 to get their roof cleaned, making the national average $490. Moreover, a high-pressure wash costs $0.20 to $0.70 per square, whereas a low-pressure wash costs more than a high-pressure one; that’s $0.30 to $0.70 per square.

It isn’t only more efficient, but it’s also safer for your roof and the people involved. They’ll use safety equipment and cleaners, possibly eco-friendly ones. So, the maintenance job won’t damage your roof structurally. And unlike most customers, the team will be trained to work from any height safely.