Office and Commercial Renovation

Don’t trust your commercial or office remodeling project to just anyone. Turn to a reliable contractor with years of experience and a broad range of remodeling services like MOM Cleaning. From bigger jobs – like floor installs to complete renovation jobs – down to smaller repair jobs like changing the layout of your office space to improve the work experience of your employees, you can trust us with your next handyman renovation project.

Office and Commercial Renovation by MOM Handyman

Handyman Renovations Done Right

Are you struggling to find the right contractor for a business space remodel? You’ve got the inspiration, developed a plan, and nailed down a budget – all that’s left is giving MOM a call. Remodel in confidence with your team of experienced and reliable contractors. We are handyman office and renovation specialists, and we provide all types of commercial renovation and remodeling services.

Our Remodeling Services

Handyman office renovations should all be done by the same contractor. From remodeling an entire room to taking care of small renovation tasks, at MOM Cleaning we do it all. 

OFFICE REMODEL OR RENOVATION – We’ll remove unnecessary walls and improve the layout of your office, making it more productive and enjoyable for your employees or customers. 

RESTAURANT REMODEL OR RENOVATION – Make the most of your restaurant space with a new layout of your choosing. We collaborate with restaurant owners and project managers in the execution of a new layout plan. 

BAR REMODEL – Our contractors have experience with remodeling bars and pubs. From layout changes to specialty cabinet installation and more, we can help you transform your business establishment and create your vision. 

OTHER REMODELING PROJECTS – Let us know about your project and our team will let you know if we can be of assistance.

Planning an Office Renovation? Here’s What to Think About

If you are planning an office renovation there are a lot of factors to consider. Here is a list of the most important things to consider when planning your office renovation

Picking a layout 

There are several types of commercial office space layout designs to choose from. When selecting a layout, always keep in mind the type of building you are working in and the type of environment you want to create for employees. Fixed factors like the architecture of the building are things you will need to work with, but there is always a lot you can do to re-design the spatial arrangements of an office. 

Setting a budget 

Setting a number on how much you can spend is critical for several reasons. First, it helps you get a clear idea for just what it is you can afford. Second, it gives your design and contractor partners a set amount they can work with. And third, it helps determine the timeline within which the work can get done. Since you may not be able to have employees working in the space during the renovation or remodel, knowing how long the downtime will be is super important for everyone involved. 

Tradition vs innovation 

Office layout and design should reflect the goals you have with the space. Are you interested in the functionality of each employee? Do you want to make it easier to collaborate? In a post-Covid world, one office trend that is here to stay is to incorporate more open space, standing desks, and glass partitions to separate individuals or groups of collaborators. Not all contractors will be comfortable executing these (and other) innovative construction requirements in your office renovation, so it’s important to be highly selective when choosing a contractor. 

At MOM Cleaning, we will work alongside you from the start of your commercial office renovation project. From initial ideas through to the design and build, we can offer guidance from our experience to assist you in completing a successful renovation project.

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Why MOM Cleaning?

When you hire MOM Cleaning for an office renovation project, you are choosing to work with experienced contractors that will get the job done right every time. 

QUALITY GUARANTEE – When we take on a project, we guarantee that you will be happy with the result or we will keep working on it until you are! There is no substitute for your satisfaction, especially when it comes to as important a project as remodeling a section of your place of work

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE – Your happiness is our top priority. That’s why we take extra care with our handyman renovation services to visit your project site, understand the scope of work, provide a fair estimate, and perform our work efficiently. 

RELIABLE – Our contractors are reliable and can always be counted on to take care of a remodeling or renovation job. No job is too small! 

INNOVATIVE APPROACH – Our contractors remain on top of all the most current trends in office space design. From open-concept layouts to incorporating eco-friendly features where possible, we are comfortable with creating spaces that appeal to all your employees.

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