Emergency Electrical Services

From what we’ve seen, people who face an electrical emergency fall into two categories: those who examine their home’s wiring and try to do their electrical work themselves, and those who call their local emergency electrician immediately.

If you’re in the former category, we can only advise you in good faith to not touch any electrical devices if you’re not experienced in electrical repairs. Unlike many typical home repairs, electricity is too delicate, and mistakes can destroy an entire home.

And if you’re in the latter category, then stick around as we’ll talk about our emergency electrical services, which are always around the corner to save the day!

Emergency Electrical Services by MOM Professionals

The Importance of Emergency Electrical Services

Nowadays, we rely on electricity more than our ancestors ever did. Many of our everyday activities – such as the internet, work, lighting, home appliances, and even some cars – rely on electricity.

That’s why when electrical emergencies happen, it feels like half our activities have come to a halt, and it’s always the most inconvenient time for electrical problems.

However, in many cases, electrical problems are more than an inconvenience. For example, faulty wiring can fry your electronic devices, which could cost you heavily in replacements.

In the worst-case scenario, electrical emergencies can be a fire hazard. If there’s an unidentified burning smell, sparks, or smoke, you might have electrical fire inbound, and then you’ll need an electrician as soon as possible.

Fortunately, diagnosing the problem early is crucial in avoiding disaster, and our emergency electrical service electricians are always at your disposal.

Is It Worth Getting an Emergency Electrical Professional?

The emergency electrician cost deters many people. We understand why, but when you think of the safety hazards of dealing with wiring – such as the risk of electrical shock, electrical fires, or electrocution – it becomes clear why you need a good electrician.

So, in short, yes, emergency electricians are worth it because of the sheer delicacy of the job at hand.

Why Use Emergency Electrical Services

An emergency electrician specializes in the intricacies of house wiring and knows what to expect from a common electrical emergency and how to solve it while avoiding risks.

Here are a few reasons why you need a professional emergency electrician.

Time and Money Savings

By hiring an electrician, you delegate your electrical emergency to someone who knows what they’re doing so you can invest your time in other important endeavours.

As for money, remember when we said how electrical mishaps could fry your devices? Now, think of how much it’d cost you to replace these compared to the average emergency electrician cost.

Moreover, faulty circuit breakers, devices, wiring, and especially outdated electrical components, can skyrocket your bill.

Our Solutions

Our 24-hour emergency services are always ready for any calls. And our electricians arrive, they don’t waste time shopping for their tools or slacking. Instead, their mission is to solve your electrical emergency as soon as possible.

What Are Emergency Electrical Services?

Types of Emergency Electrical Services

Our electrical service covers common problems, including malfunctioning lights, broken circuit breakers, dead outlets, and high electric bills.

We also help prevent electrical fires. If there’s a burning smell or smoke coming out of an electrical panel, give us a call before a fire breaks out.

Our Emergency Electrical Methods

Our electricians are trained with a time-tested program and given the tools and parts required to provide any electrical service your house needs.

Once our technicians arrive at your house, they take all the necessary safety measures first, disassemble and examine faulty devices and do the required repairs.

What Is Included in Emergency Electrical Services?

Our emergency services include a team of thoroughly trained and licensed technicians who have fixed more electronic devices than you’d think through their years of expertise.

We provide our team with the best tools for their job because satisfied customers always empower our mission.

Professional Emergency Electrical Equipment

The most essential piece of equipment that every electrician should have access to is a fire extinguisher, specifically designed for electrical fires. That means no water!

Personal protective equipment suits are also crucial, and every electrician wears one when dealing with live wires.

Lastly, each electrician has access to the tools you’d expect any technician to have, such as screwdrivers and pliers, in addition to electrical tape, cable ties, and a drill.

Emergency Electrical Examples

Many people don’t consider a power outage as a “genuine emergency.” However, a power outage can be a sign of a severe underlying problem such as faulty wiring, which is a fire hazard.

Another example is if your breaker box is buzzing, which often means there’s electrical overload. If this happens to you, shut off all appliances immediately until the buzzing stops and give us a call.

Lastly, if there’s a burning smell or smoke in your house, especially near electrical devices, you should also disconnect those devices and call us before the problem worsens.

Our Emergency Electrical Services

How to Hire an Emergency Electrical Company?

Luckily, hiring electrical emergency assistance is quite easy. You can either do it through its website by sending a text with your problem and location.

You can also find the company’s phone number (often on the website) and call it if you prefer this method.

Either way works, and the result is the same, and almost all companies offer both methods.

How to Choose a Professional Emergency Electrical Service?

When hiring an electrical service, there are a few traits to look out for.

First of all, make sure every electrician is licensed. Licensing indicates that the person knows what they’re doing and has experience in the type of work.

Also, avoid red flags such as sloppy communication when you’re calling or unavailability. A genuine 24-hour emergency service should be ready to deal with emergencies.

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For most cases, yes, homeowners insurance does cover electrical emergencies. However, the type of wiring you have and the age of your house might affect this. For example, circuit breakers are preferred over fuses since they’re less risky.

As you might expect, this depends on many factors, such as the electrician and the status of your home. But on average, the hourly rate can be anything from $65 to $130.

If you call on holidays, multiply the typical wage by 1.5-2 since they often charge more for taking holiday time off.

Easily yes. Doing electrical repairs yourself is a great safety hazard since working with electrical faults and live wires is dangerous. On the contrary, a professional electrician has experience in this work and knows what they’re doing.