Chimney Sweep Services

Have you been smelling smoke or a terrible smell near your fireplace recently? If it’s been a while since you last had your chimney cleaned, then the reason is probably the creosote deposits that have been accumulating from all the wood-burning.

Don’t worry; it’s natural for a creosote layer to build up near any wood-burning spot, be it a wood stove, a fireplace, or other wood-burning appliances.

MOM Employee sweeping a chimney

After all, fireplace cleaning and chimney sweeps are regular maintenance for homeowners with a fireplace for a reason, and they should be for you too. Fortunately, our company has that area covered for you, as we have years of experience cleaning chimneys and homes in general.

So read on to learn more about chimney cleaning services and our solutions.

The Importance of Chimney Sweep Services

Is It Worth Having the Chimney Swept by a Professional?

Think about how long you have your fireplace lit and how much hot debris travels through the entire chimney before making it out of your home, and you won’t be surprised that chimneys get clogged over time.

However, this soot can be catastrophic if left uncleaned. For one, it affects the air going into your home, either reducing it or, even worse, contaminating it with carbon monoxide-filled particles, which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning among your family if it spreads indoors.

Moreover, creosote is highly flammable, and too much of it can cause a chimney fire unexpectedly from a spark or even too much heat. So you’re basically at the mercy of chance at that point.

And for older fireplaces, this poisonous chemical can cause cracks in the chimney’s interior, leading to structural damage to your home.

You can probably see why chimney cleaning services are important already. But if you’re not convinced yet, there’s one more reason why a clean sweep chimney service is essential, and that’s pests.

That’s right, many animals and insects love to live in chimneys for warmth, especially in winter. A dirty chimney is a haven for mice, bats, raccoons, squirrels, crickets, and other pests. And often, these pests could carry diseases.

So overall, a master sweep chimney service is an integral part of home maintenance and making your home safer, as you should be careful with any wood-burning appliance.

Why Use Chimney Sweep Services

Time and Money Savings

First, the risk of chimney fires rises when there’s a layer of flammable creosote lingering inside your chimney, waiting for a stray spark to go ablaze.

Obviously, there’s no telling how much damage fire could do to your fireplace and chimney. You’d spend thousands alone on fireplace repairs and chimney repairs, or even to replace your chimney. Also, that’s assuming the fire doesn’t spread further and causes a structural fire, which if happened, you should just run for your life.

Moreover, for those with ageing fireplaces, the soot buildup can lead to cracks, which would effectively kill the standard safety measures in the chimney and allow outside gases to leak inside your home.

Also, if not for the structural damage, remember the health risks of a dirty chimney, which alone should be avoided at any cost. As we’ve said, carbon monoxide can spread to your house through contaminated airflow coming from your chimney, and it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Speaking of health issues, some of the diseases that chimney-dwelling pests carry are so severe they’d send anyone to ICU.

Luckily, a safety sweep chimney service can help protect you from those risks.

Chimney Sweep Services Appearance

Chimney sweeping gets rid of all traces of dirty, highly flammable soot that’s in your chimney. And chimney cleaning, in general, gets rid of pests or animals that have taken residence in your chimney.

Also, chimney services use special equipment and techniques because it’s not safe to wander around a wood-burning system without the right tools.

Our Solutions

Through our years of experience in chimney cleaning services and other home cleaning branches, we’ve gained expertise in chimney sweeps and chimney repair, and we have the methods that we know are efficient.

In short, our service is guaranteed to leave you satisfied, and our priority is always the safety of our technicians and customers.

What Are Chimney Sweep Services?

Types of Chimney Sweep Services

Chimney sweeps aren’t the only service provided by chimney sweep services. Other services include chimney inspections, fireplace and chimney cleaning, animal nest cleaning, chimney repair, and masonry repair.

Inspections are beneficial because you can’t repair a problem without knowing there’s a problem in the first place. And the rest come after we’ve inspected your chimney and determined what repairs are due.

Our Chimney Sweep Methods

Depending on the issue at hand, we use the appropriate solution. For example, sometimes standard chimney sweeps are enough, but other times when fireplaces are too damaged, we’ll have to repair your masonry, bricks, or flue.

What’s Included in Chimney Sweep Services

When you hire a chimney sweeping service, the technicians will arrive with their equipment first for inspection. Then, they’ll sweep your chimney from all traces of soot and pests and leave it clean.

But if the technicians notice any safety hazards or find that it’s not safe to stay where the fireplace is, they’ll let you know and return to repair the problem.

Professional Chimney Sweep Equipment

Standard equipment of chimney sweep professionals include:

  • Long wire brushes to clean hard-to-reach areas and corners
  • An automatic rotary sweeping system for flue cleaning
  • Powder creosote remover for when the layer is too stubborn for brushes
  • Full-face respirator for the safety of our technicians
  • Camera kit for in-detail inspection
  • Flashlights to light up dark chimneys

Chimney Sweep Examples

Examples of chimney services include inspections, full sweeps, waterproofing, sealing, installation, and animal nest clearing.

Our Chimney Sweep Services

How to Hire a Chimney Sweep Company?

The company should either have a website with a contact page, a Facebook page, or a phone number, all of which you can use to contact the company.

How to Choose a Professional Chimney Sweep Service?

When hiring a chimney sweep professional, make sure they have proper identification, are certified by your local chimney association, are insured to work in homes, and are professional and friendly.

Our Chimney Sweep Plans

Inspection is our first step; we need to identify the problem fully before we start our job. But once we’ve done that, we do the necessary sweeps and repairs to restore your chimney to its former glory.

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Ideally, you should sweep twice a year. But if you’re burning smokeless fuel, then once a year will be enough.

Depending on the severity of the problem and the type of service you choose, a sweep can cost between $130 and $380.,