Kitchen Cleaning Services

Kitchens get dirty annoyingly fast. After all, they’re such high-traffic areas of your home or restaurant. And all it takes is one big meal for kitchens to go up in flames (not literally, we hope).

But professional kitchen equipment cleaning services can help you, as they perform the most meticulous cleaning. And you can stop googling “kitchen cleaning services near me” because MOM Commercial Cleaning is the perfect solution.

Kitchen Cleaning Services by MOM Cleaners

The Importance of Kitchen Cleaning Services

Since the kitchen space in a house or commercial kitchen is used extensively with foot traffic, people eating, and cooking, it always attracts debris and dirt buildup. And the culinary services you offer dictate extensive cooking, leaving you with a dirty kitchen and room by the end of the day.

However, kitchens or restaurant cleaning services can change that. MOM’s professional team can make your kitchen spotless so that your house is in order. And we can provide your staff with a sanitized work space every day.

Is It Worth Getting the Kitchen Professionally Cleaned?

Perhaps you don’t think hiring a janitorial services kitchener for simple tasks, such as cleaning dishes, is worth it, and that’s fair. Yes, you can wash the dirty dishes, mop the kitchen floor, and do your regular cleaning tasks. Perhaps you can even use an internet cleaning hack with dish soap, white vinegar, hot water, a paper towel, and baking soda.

But what about that deep clean your oven and cabinets probably need and the advanced cleaners they require? And what about your stainless steel appliances? Have they been looking a little dull lately with smudged fingerprints all over?

Professional commercial kitchen deep cleaning services can conduct the more intensive kitchen tasks you need and can’t prioritize. This way, you get to experience a truly clean restaurant or kitchen.

Why Use Kitchen Cleaning Services

Time and Money Saving

Free time is something to be cherished, and having an extra hand around the kitchen can prove helpful with your busy cleaning schedule. This way, you get to save your time for more fulfilling activities. Not to mention, those extensive tasks we’ve just mentioned might take ages, so leave it to a kitchen cleaning team; they’ll get the job done quickly.

Moreover, commercial kitchen cleaning services can save you money. To elaborate, restaurants with a good reputation are more likely to be financially successful and receive more guests. Accordingly, keeping your facility and, specifically, kitchen clean is essential if you want to protect your investment and money.

Kitchen Cleaning Services Appearance

Who doesn’t love a clean and spotless kitchen space? If you run a big household, perhaps that sounds like it’s too good to be true. But a professional kitchen cleaning service can ensure it! As for business owners, commercial kitchen cleaning is crucial because a clean dining space and kitchen space urge your customers to be confident that your food is sanitary.

Our Solutions

The solution is to contact MOM. Just dial this number: 1-866-225-5666, or fill out this online form, and a MOM representative will contact you in no time.

Additionally, our professional team can do the maintenance work required in any room in no time, giving you a clean residential or commercial kitchen that will shine like it’s brand new, exceed your expectations and make you happy.

What Are Kitchen Cleaning Services?

Types of Kitchen Cleaning Services

We can classify house cleaning kitchener services into two main types:

  1. Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
  2. This offering enables your employees to work and cook fantastic food in a clean, fresh kitchen space. Also, your business might benefit from 24-hour operations support, measured inspections, and offerings to clean hoods and exhausts.

    Moreover, our commercial cleaning services kitchener and air duct cleaning services kitchener works around your schedule so that we don’t interrupt your business.

  3. Residential Kitchen Cleaning
  4. Because the hassle can get to you, we want to give you a chance to breathe with no worry by catering to your specific cleaning needs, whether that’s a regular cleaning or a one-time deep clean.

What Is Included in Kitchen Cleaning Services?

A professional cleaning job can range and differ across businesses and clients. But to make your cleaning experience better, contact customer services to ask about their exact offerings. Nevertheless, we’ll give you an idea of what you can expect a cleaning team to do:

  • Dust surfaces to remove dirt, crumbs, and grime
  • Vacuum floors
  • Mop floors
  • Wipe down the surface of small appliances
  • Clean the interior and exterior of the microwave
  • Clean the kitchen table and chairs
  • Clean the stove drip pan, control knobs, and burner gate
  • Wipe the tops of counters
  • Sanitize the sink
  • Shine faucets, light fixtures, and cabinets’ hardware
  • Get any smudges and fingerprints wiped off
  • Clean cupboards
  • Clean cupboard knobs
  • Clean exhausts, hoods, fans, and ducts of grime and debris buildup
  • Conduct garbage disposal
  • Get the walls and ceilings cleaned
  • Get the kitchen equipment cleaned
  • Wash the exterior patio
  • Clean the refrigerator’s interior
  • Clean the oven’s interior with an oven cleaner

Our Kitchen Cleaning Services

How to Hire a Kitchen Cleaning Company

You can request a free quote from MOM by filling out this online form or dialling 1-866-225-5666. We’ll do a virtual tour and give you a free quote. Then, if you’re happy with our prices and find them to be within your budget, we’ll discuss some finer details.

And we’ll schedule an appointment to visit your location so that our team can get moving and tackle your kitchen.

How to Choose a Professional Kitchen Cleaning Service

There are several qualities to look for. For one, choose a company with experience in the industry because its results will make you happy. Furthermore, reputation says a lot about a service, so refer to customer’s reviews and ratings.

In addition, a service with excellent customer service is always preferable. And you can maintain an open conversation and communicate your needs fruitfully.

To find our expert cleaner near you, click here.


In a commercial kitchen, you should clean it after every food service. However, at your house, we’d recommend maintaining it every day by wiping down surfaces, doing the dishes and putting them away, and vacuuming the floor.

Also, mopping the floor and polishing the silver weekly is recommended. Finally, in monthly and yearly cleanings, deep clean your appliances, and tackle other heavy tasks.

Prices can range from $50 to $150 per hour, making the average $100 per hour for a heavy-duty commercial cleanup job. And that’s only required a couple of times a year.