10 steps to financial independence by building your own janitorial service franchise company

Creating and launching a business from the ground up can be a long, complex and high-risk undertaking. The advantage of the proven MOM business model is that we’ve simplified the entire process and accelerated your time to startup. Here are the 10 steps.

  • 1

    Read Website

    Determine whether you’re best qualified to apply for MOM Unit or Master franchise

  • 2

    Submit Request

    Submit your online information request

  • 3

    Receive Information

    Receive a MOM information package, including a MOM franchisee application form. Read carefully, fill out and return the form

  • 4

    Telephone Interview

    We will contact you by phone so we can learn more about each other

  • 5

    Financial Review

    You’ll be asked to fill out a form authorizing MOM to run routine credit and background checks

  • 6

    Interview in Person

    We’ll schedule an in-person meeting where we’ll get better acquainted and have an opportunity to ask questions

  • 7

    Discovery Day

    You’ll be invited to a hands-on Discovery Day, during which you’ll visit front-line operations, shadow personnel and generally get to know how MOM operations work

  • 8

    Review Agreement

    Review your Unit or Master Franchise Agreement

  • 9

    Receive approval

    Receive approval, if everything is in order

  • 10

    Begin Training!

Franchising vs. On your own

As countless independent and successful franchisees have discovered, franchising can reduce your startup risks. The MOM business model has been developed, tested and refined over years. This streamlines the entire process, anticipates challenges associated with new businesses, and fast-tracks your return on investment.

MOM cleaning mascot just the head.

Build your own business and accelerate your success. The MOM business model is robust and proven!