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A remarkable franchise business opportunity, the janitorial/facilities maintenance industry is remarkably secure and far less volatile than the overall economy.

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Through boom and bust, businesses and institutions need to maintain their workspaces in order to meet standards of hygiene, protect their reputation and brand, and serve their staff.

Size and growth

Canada’s cleaning and janitorial services business is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Consider that every commercial and residential building requires regular cleaning services, and every building under construction represents a new business opportunity.

Local need

This is one industry that can never be sourced to offshore suppliers. It’s entirely service- and labour-based, and highly resilient.


As our population ages, a massive transfer of people from private homes to public institutions is already underway. These facilities, along with the proliferation of associated medical clinics of all types, require specialized cleaning services.

Business trends

Businesses and even public organizations are increasingly outsourcing services they consider non-core. Where they used to maintain in-house janitorial and maintenance staff, most are offloading these responsibilities in efforts to reduce their workforce, obligations and liabilities. Opportunities for MOM franchisees are therefore multiplying.

In a fragmented market, differentiate to win

While the North American janitorial services market is large, it is fragmented, with literally thousands of small suppliers and a high churn rate. Clients typically hire and fire their cleaning company at a high frequency. The reason? These suppliers tend to be small and unprofessional, often delivering substandard services, with little attention to customer care, technology and innovative techniques. The fact that the market lacks a large dominant player opens an extraordinary opportunity for MOM franchise owners. Your MOM-supported customer service, quality of work and proven systems immediately set you apart, enabling you to secure more contracts and keep them for the long term. Among the MOM advantages:

MOM Clean is hygiene

Global sensitivity to communicable diseases has raised the profile of hygiene and its role in a healthy work environment. MOM has been ahead of the curve on this. In addition to our advanced technologies and work processes, we deploy hospital-grade training, materials and technologies to reduce the risk of bacteria, viruses and mold in the workplace. As the owner of a MOM janitorial services franchise, this gives you a significant advantage over the competition.

MOM Clean is green

For companies concerned about their carbon footprint, you’re able to offer clients the advantages of a comprehensive “green cleaning” program that’s also good for the planet.
Cleaning services industry information icon
Cleaning services industry information icon

MOM Clean is integrated

Apart from offering core janitorial services, MOM training and processes include many value-added services, such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning and floor maintenance. This not only adds high-revenue-generating services to your portfolio: it also increases your value to the client, who can get more services from a single, convenient supplier.

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