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Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance Services

MOM likes clean

Like moms everywhere, we don’t cut corners. Nor do we accept anything less than our very best. That’s what makes MOM your trusted partner for cleaning and maintenance.

MOM does it all

We tailor our services for every type of organization, large to small, routine to special request. MOM offers the full range of janitorial services. And with each service, you can expect the same MOM quality. The same MOM customer care.

There’s more to MOM

MOM clean is good. But there’s a whole lot more to MOM. Such as our superlative customer care and innovation. MOM is always just a phone call or click away. And we’re continuously evolving with advances in technology and methods to ensure you’re getting the best value and clean the industry has to offer.


  • “I love dealing with MOM. They’re always on time, reliable and give great service. The best part for us at FAB, is that we can call them any time to facilitate any task if we are in need of last-minute extra services.”

  • Ron Yarin,
    Building Manager
  • “The service provided by MOM has been excellent. We have no hesitation in recommending them.”

  • Suzie Pouliot,
    Gestion Impotlaw
  • “Since MOM took over the cleaning, our staff has been thrilled. MOM always goes the extra mile.”

  • Ted Matthews,
    Guru Bicycles
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  • The Dirtiest Places in the Office

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