Mattress Cleaning Services

Our experts use steam cleaning to clean your mattresses and upholstered furniture, such as couches, sofas, chairs and more. This is the most effective technique for removing dust mites and stains.

Mattress Cleaning Services by MOM Cleaners

Our mattress cleaning method

We perform mattress washing by steam extraction, not to be confused with dry steam cleaning.

Unlike our steam extraction method, dry steam cleaning, like U.V. cleaning, kills dust mites, but does not remove organic residue from your mattress. Therefore, it takes boiling water and good suction to remove harmful organic matter such as dust mite droppings and stubborn stains.

The Canadian Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Foundation states on its website that the health hazard really is caused by dust mite droppings rather than the dust mites themselves.

Triple action mattress cleaning

In order to clean mattresses thoroughly, our mattress cleaning process begins with the spraying of a disinfectant.

Then we proceed to the cleaning with an industrial power machine that rinses the mattress by injecting and suctioning a high-pressure steam jet.

Finally, this last step collects the dirt already dissolved and the residues of organic matter that are not eliminated by dry cleaning methods or U.V. rays.

Mattresses: dust mites, asthma and allergies

Our method of cleaning mattresses by steam extraction kills microorganisms, eliminates stains and rinses the mattress surface thoroughly.

We eliminate all traces of dead or live dust mites, as well as their many stains embedded in the mattress. According to Asthma Canada, dust mites prefer to live on mattresses, and it is the dirt they leave behind that is allergenic!

Cleaning blood, urine and sweat stains from mattresses

Our powerful and effective products and our steam cleaning method allow us to remove stubborn stains. Stains such as blood, urine and sweat from your mattress.

In addition, the removal of stains and debris, which are sucked out of your mattress with the steam, restores its cleanliness.

Eliminate mattress odors: cat urine, cigarettes and more

If your mattress gives off a bad odor due to an urinary incident with your cat, or simply because it has been through a lot, we have the solution.

Steam cleaning will be combined with injections of disinfectant and deodorizer in the mattress. This ensures the elimination of odors at the source in the mattress.

Mattress cleaning and health

Our mattresses accumulate organic matter over time. Small particles of dead skin, perspiration, or even small spills provide dust mites and other bugs with the food they need to live and develop their colony. All these microorganisms are harmful to your health and enter your body through the respiratory tract during sleep, causing damage to your health.

Ensure the disinfection of the mattress, dust mites, bacteria, etc.

This method ensures the elimination of odors at the source in the mattress. Our mattress cleaning with steam kills microorganisms and eliminates all traces of their passage by a powerful vacuum washing of your mattress. Thus, it is a matter of liquefying, disinfecting and rinsing the surface of the mattress so that all encrusted residues are well cleaned.

Mattress, upholstery and carpet cleaning

Mattress cleaning can be a good opportunity for you to have your sofas, couches, or any other upholstered furniture cleaned at a discounted rate.

Even if they are not very dirty in appearance, just like your mattresses, your upholstered furniture are ideal environments for the proliferation of microorganisms. For more details, inquire about our couch cleaning and carpet cleaning services.

Take advantage of our promotions for mattress and furniture cleaning

We use the same process for the cleaning of your couches as for mattresses, using various products adapted to microfibers, cotton, various fabrics and leather. We also clean leather furniture. 

How we clean a mattress

We use the same process for cleaning sofas and chairs as we do for mattresses, we simply adapt the cleaning solution to the fabric. Even if they are not very dirty in appearance, just like your mattresses, your upholstered furniture is an environment where microorganisms can thrive. Knowing that a mattress can contain between 100,000 and 10 million dust mites and their waste, it’s no surprise that so many people suffer from asthma and / or allergies.

This is why MOM is proud to offer a mattress cleaning service, commonly known as mattress steam cleaning. Hot water extraction is the technique we use to clean your mattress. Very hot water is necessary to thoroughly clean your mattress, as dust mites and other contaminants can only be killed when the water is heated above 70 degrees. We will use a small amount of cleaning solution when needed, all of our products are safe for people and pets.

Here is how it goes:

First, we inspect the mattress or furniture to be cleaned to identify points that need special attention, and we take photos to document its original conditions.

This involves checking the type of stains, the state of wear and the type of fabric, to choose the appropriate products. We cannot clean everything with hot water extraction, some fragile fabrics like rayon, or foam mattresses for example will not support it.

Then we vacuum the mattress and all the fabrics to remove organic matter, dust and debris.

Then it’s the turn of the difficult areas that start to be treated with more aggressive products than those we generally use.

It is only after dealing with all the stains that we start with the machine injecting hot water mixed with a cleaning solution, while extracting it with a very powerful vacuum cleaner to avoid any accumulation of moisture in your mattress.

This is the most important part of the mattress cleaning process because the technician must do everything possible to get rid of stubborn stains, even if it means adding more cleaning solutions, but while preserving your comfort by allowing you to regain the as quickly as possible your bed to dry and to prevent stains from reappearing. Indeed, the evaporation of excess moisture in a mattress can cause certain types of stains to reappear.

For a final touch, you can request a deodorant treatment to apply.

You are now ready for the final inspection, don’t be surprised if your mattress is still wet it will take between 5-7 hours to dry so try to book as early as possible in the early morning slots or to make sure you will have a dry bed the same evening.

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The best method is steam extraction cleaning because it combines the most benefits.

Steam cleaning a mattress will remove stains, eliminate odors, kill and extract dust mites, disinfect the mattress for your guaranteed satisfaction and more.

Dry steam mattress cleaning is interesting because it has almost all the advantages of steam extraction mattress cleaning, except for one significant difference: dry steam cleaning will not extract dirt from the mattress. The dust mites will be killed, however they will remain there, which is unhygienic.

In fact, what distinguishes the definition of washing from cleaning is the use of more water for rinsing when washing, so steam extraction mattress cleaning combines the best of both worlds and might as well be called mattress washing.