Lawn Mowing Services

Let’s be honest here; no one likes doing mundane tasks like going out and mowing the lawn. Still, we all would like to have nice, even looking front and back yards.

Many people prefer to use a lawn mowing company instead of going out and spending a couple of grand on a high-quality lawn mower and lawn care equipment. Yet, not everyone is completely satisfied with the lawn mowing services available to them. And most people have to settle for mediocre local lawn maintenance companies.

Lawn Mowing Services by MOM professional

If you choose our lawn mowing services, we guarantee that you’ll be able to see the special difference our services provide to your yard. We pay attention to detail like nothing you’ve ever seen before because lawn care is more than just grass cutting.

The Importance of Lawn Mowing Services

Is It Worth Having the Lawn Mowed by a Professional?

A very important question must be asked here. Is it actually worth it paying for a trained professional to come to do your landscape maintenance? The short answer is yes, and here is why.

Think about it this way, during what we assume is a busy day, you shouldn’t have to take time off of your schedule to get the tools and start mowing, not to mention cleaning up the equipment and grass clippings after you’re done.

Simply using our lawn care services, you’ll not have to worry about the hassle of handling this yourself, when you could be spending that time attending to your work or other essential chores. Not to mention that lawn mowing isn’t a one-time thing. Usually mowing is a weekly task, but some lawns require cutting more often.

By choosing our lawn care service, you can forget about the hassle and simply leave all that has to do with maintenance to us.

If you hire our maintenance services, you can expect trained professionals, using our high-quality lawn mowers and sharp blades to handle all your lawn mowing and grass cutting needs without causing you any inconvenience.

Why Use Lawn Mowing Services

Time and Money Savings

The average size of a backyard is roughly a quarter of an acre. So if you were to use a standard 22-inch lawn mower, it would take you somewhere around 30 minutes to completely mow your lawn.

Not to mention, you’d be doing this once a week to have relatively decent lawn maintenance. That time certainly adds up. Time that you could spend doing things that are meaningful to you.

As for the cost, this isn’t a simple question to answer. Technically speaking, while doing it yourself is cheaper, having a trained professional do it for you can save you more time for your own work while also eliminating the need to go out and buy your own mowing equipment. So yes, lawn care services are cheaper in that sense.

Lawn Mowing Appearance

No matter how good of a job the average Joe does, a professional lawn mower will always do better. After all, it’s what they do for a living. By using our professional lawn mowing service, your yard will come out looking as neat as an NFL football field, and here is why.

All our professional lawn mowers take the correct and necessary steps to ensure a perfect-looking landscape. They start with trimming the grass, then adjusting the blade height to get that perfect grass length. If the lawns don’t look right the first time, they’re mowed a second time to ensure it looks as clean and crisp as possible

Our Solutions

There are common problems that come up while performing our maintenance services. It’s nothing we can’t handle, though. One problem some people have is grass discoloration during the winter months. We apply quality fertilizers to ensure that such a problem doesn’t occur on your property.

Another problem is weeds. Brief rain showers and the weather of the summer months play a significant role in your grass growing, and sometimes it’s accompanied by weeds. Weeds usually mean that your lawn suffers from a lack of nutrients. We treat this by cutting the weeds off and applying fertilizers to ensure a healthy lawn.

What Is Lawn Mowing Services?

Types of Lawn Mowing Services

There’s more than one lawn maintenance service. At our company, we offer a variety of lawn services. The most intuitive is lawn mowing, but we also have fertilization and weed control, which we’ve already covered. Another excellent service out there is tree service.

In short, lawn care is more than just a man sent to cut grass.

Our Lawn Mowing Methods

Mowing Direction

We go in a back and forth direction on the lawn, using a straight cut line. We feel like this pattern has the most grass-cutting efficiency as it takes the smallest amount of time to complete while providing great results.


We overlap each mowing pass by a couple of inches. This way, we ensure excess room between the blades’ ends and don’t miss the stripes of grass.

What Is Included in Lawn Mowing Services?

Not just grass cutting, that’s for sure. Aside from the obvious choice of the good old mower, there’s also landscape design.

We also offer planting and mulching your yard, which returns nutrients to your lawn to help it grow fuller, thicker, and greener.

Grass clippings and autumn cleanup are also part of our package.

Professional Lawn Mowing Equipment

Our mowers show up with a wide range of high-quality equipment, such as lawn mowers, a well-built fan-style leaf rake, pruners or a pruning saw, and hedge shears.

Lawn Mowing Examples

The most common examples of lawn mowing are cutting grass to a homogenous height, applying fertilizers and mulch to add nutrients to your yard, and removing overgrown weeds and moss.

Our Lawn Mowing Services

How to Hire a Lawn Mowing Company?

You can go with the old school method: look up their number, give them a call, and describe to them your address and what you’ll need them to do for you. Nothing wrong with this method.

You can, however, save yourself some effort and look up their internet website. You can easily send your location to them, and just type a few quick text messages or email explaining what you’ll need, and then book your appointment.

How to Choose a Professional Lawn Mowing Service?

Reputation Is Important

It’s true that reputation precedes its owner. Do a quick internet search and look at the reviews.

What do people think of the company you’re thinking about hiring? You shouldn’t take bad reviews lightly. Learn from other people’s experiences and don’t fall for the same low-quality companies.

Do They Have a License?

If they’re licensed, you know these people are serious about their job and not just doing some sort of side-gig to make a few extra bucks. More importantly, if they get injured on your property, there will be consequences that fall onto you if they’re not licensed.

What About Their Customer Service?

Is it difficult to sign up? Is it too much of an inconvenience to modify your service? Does it feel like you have to jump through hoops to make a specialized request? If so, you should find another company that appreciates its clients and makes them feel comfortable.

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How much you pay largely depends on the size of your lawn, how tough the job is, and how much fertilization you’d need. But to give you some idea, an acre would typically cost somewhere between $150 and $200.

If the lawn was poorly maintained though and needed a lot of work, a better way to pay is paying for every working hour. Hourly wages typically range between $30 and $60.

A critical factor that’s often overlooked about the health of your lawn mower is engine oil. Taking good care of your lawn mower engine will help it perform better for years to come. It’d surprise you how much people ignore changing their oil and replace their oil filters.

A general rule is to change oil and filters once every summer or spring or every 50 hours of use, whichever comes first.

Your lawn would absolutely look better if it were done by a professional. No offense to all DIY (Do It Yourself) mowers out there, but you just can not beat the precision and accuracy of a full-time professional lawn mower. Nine times out of ten, the professionally done lawn will look more aesthetic.