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Appearance is critical, and at MOM cleaning services, we understand the need for cleaning services for your building in Mississauga. Any client we have worked with will testify that we don’t leave until the building is clean, fresh, and sanitary. MOM is aware of the commercial cleaning challenges that offices may face, and our program is built to address all janitorial cleaning needs.

Throughout our 15+ years of service, we have worked on tons of buildings and clients (in Toronto, Mississauga, Ontario, etc) who constantly come back. Our trust is built on the service we offer, and the MOM team is dedicated to bringing you professional, insured, and reliable janitorial services. If you need any help with your office, building, or small business, give us a call today!

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Our Mississauga Janitorial Services

There are already many janitorial cleaning services in Mississauga, but we assure you that MOM is the most dedicated. We have been a keen commercial cleaning company with clients all over the Mississauga area, and our top-notch industry standards have enabled us to build lasting relationships with customers.

Our main goal is to give clients peace of mind. And if the customer needs any changes or transitions, we can help and adjust things accordingly. Here are some of our exclusive cleaning janitorial services in Mississauga.

Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Services

Our team at MOM cleaning will come up with a schedule that fits your commercial space. We have worked with hundreds of clients in this space, and we understand that each premise has its own specifications and janitorial cleaning routine.

Even if your business has a complex timetable, we’ll work something out and as a licensed, insured, and bonded team, we can work at any time of the day or night. Even if you think your mess is too tough or sticky, don’t worry- our janitorial services include handling the toughest of stains. And if unfortunately, any accident occurs, our janitorial cleaning company is fully insured.

Office Cleaning Services

Our main specialty is office cleaning, and the acronym MOM stands for Montreal Office Maintenance. We remain the most dedicated cleaners and work in a hygienic and fresh environment. We know that an untidy office is bad for first impressions and can scare away potential clients or bring health department issues. We offer all kinds of office cleaning services, including single-tenant, multi-tenant, commercial, head offices, and satellite offices.

Floor & Carpet Cleaning Services

MOM is a group of dedicated souls striving to give top professional janitorial services and satisfaction. We are among the top cleaners in Toronto because:

  • Our staff is insured, bonded, and well-trained. We understand the importance of your business space, so we only provide our best staff members to clean your building.
  • MOM is a results-driven company. In realms such as office cleaning, we are always keen to get feedback from clients and adjust accordingly. In the long run, we are hoping to offer janitorial cleaning services with no complaints.
  • We are an experienced commercial cleaning company. Over the 15 years, we’ve been cleaning offices and buildings, and MOM has gained a ton of skills and versatility in working at different residential and commercial buildings. There is no premise that is too difficult for us to clean!

If you need to discuss your office cleaning needs and get a free quote, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always available to handle all your janitorial services.

Why Choose MOM Cleaning Services Toronto?

  • We are an insured and bonded business
  • We follow strict safety and security protocols
  • Our monitoring procedures computerized
  • We have 15+ years of commercial cleaning experience

If you don’t trust your current cleaning service or looking to find a reliable cleaner in Mississauga, greater Toronto, and surrounding areas, contact us today!

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