What Makes MOM Franchise Different

The MOM Business Model

Many companies offer janitorial services. But only MOM has raised customer service, technology and processes into a proven business system. That’s the differentiator that translates into a significant market opportunity for you.

Customer retention

Our turnover rate for janitorial/cleaning services is significantly lower than the industry average. Why? Customer service, quality of work, committed franchisees and a system that works.


One of the defining things about MOM. We’re as good as our word and have well developed MOM values by which we stand.


Master Franchisees receive full corporate support from the moment they sign up, and thereafter. In turn, they coordinate and support Unit Franchisees. The MOM model is designed to deliver quality, methodologies, processes and techniques right to the client. Mutual support makes this happen, and helps us all to succeed.


Our proprietary MOM Academy provides a wide range of e-learning modules, which we supplement with in-person training on every facet of operating a janitorial services franchise. Following graduation, we provide regular refreshers and hands-on field training on new technologies and techniques.

Equipment & supplies

Unit Franchisees receive a start-up inventory of equipment and supplies, and can take advantage of MOM’s volume buying power to purchase additional supplies. Financing for equipment purchase is also available.

MOM Clean

We’re known for impeccable, detail-oriented janitorial services and commercial cleaning — better known as MOM Clean.


We’ve invested to build and grow one of the most recognizable brands in our industry. The MOM brand is unique, friendly, memorable, powerful… and growing.


In addition to its brand, MOM offers marketing materials to help you promote your business and drive sales. We provide every Master Franchisee with a web page, under the MOM corporate banner, along with powerful promotional tools.


Build your own business and accelerate your success. The MOM business model is robust and proven!