Car, Boat & RV Cleaning Services

Car, boat & RV cleaning services are gaining more and more popularity as the days go by. However, that starts to raise some questions of whether hiring a professional service is the right move.

Luckily, we’re here to answer all those questions. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Car, Boat & RV Cleaning Services by top MOM Cleaners

The Importance of Car, Boat & RV Cleaning Services

The professionalism of car, boat & RV cleaning services is slowly turning into a crucial part of our lives.

Is It Worth Getting Car, Boat & RV Professionally Cleaned?

Professionals can do great work at getting your car, boat, or RV cleaned thoroughly because of their years of experience in the field. So yes, it’s worth it!

Why Use Car, Boat & RV Cleaning Services

If you’re still not convinced that car, boat & RV cleaning services are right for you, let’s tell you more about the benefits you’ll be enjoying.

Time and Money Savings

Professional vehicle detailing can save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

Because professionals know exactly how to tackle both the interior and exterior, they won’t waste any time to start the cleaning.

Money-wise, they can do an excellent job at your vehicle detail appointment by thoroughly cleaning the vehicle inside and out. Then, they apply a wax layer to protect your vehicle. That wax layer or gel coat will keep your automobile clean for longer periods, and therefore saving you the cost of having to clean the whole thing over again.

Car, Boat & RV Appearance

Your vehicle can really collect debris and dirt particles, especially around the window or in the carpeting, and that dust can ruin its appearance. When you get a vehicle detail, the team makes sure to shampoo carpets, clean rims, windows, and upholstery, and clean and dress tires.

Cars, boats, and RVs can get dirty quite quickly, and interior detail is a must to make sure the vehicle is clean and performing well.

Our Solutions

If you have a dirty vehicle that needs to be cleaned, we offer car detailing, boat detailing, and RV detailing. We’ll clean everything, wash the roof, remove any mould, get rid of bugs, and clean and dress tires.

What Are Car, Boat & RV Cleaning Services?

Are you still confused? Here’s everything you need to know about car, boat & RV cleaning services.

Types of Car, Boat & RV Cleaning Services

Professional auto detailing and RV detailing includes cleaning your vehicle from the inside and out. This includes seats, windows, carpets, and more.

Our Car, Boat & RV Cleaning Methods

We follow the most common cleaning methods for vehicles. That includes using soap and cleaners to clean seats, upholstery, carpets, as well as the exterior of the vehicle. We also make sure to use high-pressure wash techniques to get all the debris removed.

What Is Included in Car, Boat & RV Cleaning Services?

A team of experts knows exactly what to do when detailing your vehicle or getting a boat wash, and that includes both exterior and interior cleaning. When you book an appointment, the team will wash everything in your vehicle, from seats to roof. Even if you have a dirty carpet or two, they can get that sorted out.

An RV detail includes washing your motorhome, its interior surfaces, windows, rugs, seats, and its exterior. Moreover, a vehicle detail includes removing stains, using a vacuum cleaner, washing the upholstery, and everything else you can think of.

Professional Car, Boat & RV Cleaning Equipment

A lot of equipment is needed to clean your vehicle. For example, we use cleaning products as they’re needed, and we make sure to use as few chemicals as we can. Additionally, a boat wash requires special supplies to get rid of any rust or sun damage.

We also use high-pressure wash techniques using the right soap for each surface. Moreover, we can apply a gel coat or wax to the outside to protect your vehicle from further sun or water damage.

Cleaning Examples

Cleaning boats and RVs, in particular, can be quite difficult. An RV is large and has a lot of tiny areas where dirt and dust can pile up to the point that it becomes almost impossible to get it thoroughly cleaned.

The same goes for cars, so any cleaning service would make sure to wash the exterior and interior of your car with equal care. As for boats, they can suffer a lot of sun and water damage, so the teams make sure to take care of that.

Our Car, Boat & RV Cleaning Services

If you’re interested in hiring cleaning services, let’s tell you more about the process.

How to Hire a Car, Boat & RV Cleaning Company?

Hiring a professional cleaning company is a breeze. All you need to do is visit the company’s website, then check their schedule, package options, and price details by shooting them an email asking for details. After that, you can book an appointment, and you’re all good to go!

How to Choose a Professional Car, Boat & RV Cleaning Service?

When choosing a cleaning service, the best thing to do is to look for a good deal. Also, we recommend checking other customers’ feedback and seeing if the company is up to par.

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An exterior wash and wax can start at $180, while an interior detail can start at $130 for cars. Also, if you’re looking to get both cleaned, you can find good deals around $150 – $200 in total.

Boat washing prices can vary dramatically according to the size of the boat. For each square foot, you should expect to pay anywhere between $15 and $25, depending on what your package includes.

An RV exterior washing should cost around $150 – $200, while an interior detail should cost approximately $50 and $100. So in total, getting your RV cleaned could be anywhere from $200 and $400 if you get any add-ons.