Professional and Reliable Handyman Services

Finding reliable and professional handyman services can be a real challenge for office businesses. Time consuming and lengthy delays can often occur which can negatively impact your staff’s morale. 

At Mom Cleaning, we want to bring you the best there is in terms of professional office cleaning, but we can also assist you with other services. Our handyman services aim to take commercial maintenance a step further. Read on to find out how.

Handyman services by MOM Professional

Our Prices for Handyman Services

Handyman Half-Day Package: $270.00/Pack

Up to 4 hours of handyman labour, including small supplies and travel.
Prepare a to do list for the Handyman by bundling a number of projects into a half day’s work.

Handyman Full Day Package: $490.00/Pack

Up to 8 hours of handyman labour, including small supplies and travel
Prepare a to do list by grouping a number of projects into a full day’s work.
Do not hesitate to call our experts to check what is the most appropriate package for your job list (4 or 8 hours pack)

Extra labour: $55.00/Hour

What do our handymen do?

Most office and commercial spaces have their specificities when it comes to regular maintenance and general upkeep. Our team at Mom Cleaning is aware of your needs and brings you the answers you need, no more, no less. 

But what happens if something breaks, if there is a leak, or an electrical problem? You may not have the right person on hand immediately to remedy the issue. This is where our handyman services can come in, well… handy.

Solve Electrical Problems and Improve Installations

If you need a new socket closer to your desk, don’t delay and call upon one of our professional handymen. In an instant, they can install a new socket where you need one; or if the one you depend on is a bit loose, we can drop by and tighten it in a matter of minutes. 

For bigger issues with your office space electrical panel or system, you need to contact a licensed electrician. By law, only a licensed electrician from the RBQ can do the tasks as it needs proper training and experience. 

If it’s within their grasp, they’ll solve it on the spot. However, if the issue is more complex, we may need to call upon a team of licensed electricians. Either way, the answer to your problem will be found through Mom Cleaning’s services.

Remedy Small Plumbing and Leaks

Is there a leak coming from the sink in your kitchen or cafeteria area? Is there a toilet that won’t flush properly? These are examples of little nuisances that might distract your colleagues from their work. So they’re probably best remedied sooner rather than later.
Hence, we have a team of plumbers on hand to replace the washers, tubes and bolts to keep the water mains in your office functioning 100%.

Resolve Air Conditioning and Heating Issues

A healthy working space requires a well-maintained temperature and indoor air quality through all seasons. So any issue with your air-conditioning could make your summers a sweat-beading nightmare. 

And let’s not even touch upon our Canadian winters with inefficient heating. As soon as you detect a problem with your air circulation systems, call us immediately. 

Maybe an in-depth cleaning will do the trick when it comes to air ducts and vents cleaning, but if not, it sometimes takes only a small adjustment to get it all back on-line. But obviously, if the job is too complex for our handyman services, we’ll let you know and even help you contact the right company for the task.

Lighting and Fixtures

Numerous studies have shown that adequate lighting is essential for your workforce’s well-being. With that in mind, any weak light bulb or flickering lights may need attending to promptly. 

Our handyman services have the tools and skill set to repair the problematic light fixtures, thus restoring the work area’s full potential. Give your employees the proper lighting for maximum productivity by taking on our light bulb replacement services.

Repair Furniture and Doors

Our handymen have a complete toolkit at their disposal, and know-how into the workings drawers, cabinets, doors, height-regulating chairs, and more. So if you have trouble getting a drawer to close smoothly, or a door lock is a bit stiff, don’t hesitate to call upon our repair services. Our exterior door services will solve any issue pertaining to the access points of your business.

If your ergonomic chair has a broken armrest, or has started sinking, our handyman services can repair that in a snap. These little repairs will cost you a lot less than replacing the items, and will pay dividends in terms of work quality in the long-run.

Painting floors and walls

For your painting, floor or wall renovation projects, use a MOM cleaning handyman services. Give free rein to your decorating desires, whether for your indoor or outdoor space, by hiring our painting services. Moreover, we even have drywall repair services – accidents happen and dents in the wall or ceiling occur, and need mending. Our team of painters have the skills to deliver clients with the perfect space, 100% in accordance with their demands.

Furniture assembly

Our furniture assembly services work to take the stress out of building your flatpack furniture. We have the best team of handymen who are ready and waiting to build your furniture, at a time and place to suit you. We also assemble fitness equipment, Ikea furniture, wendy houses, garden play equipment, etc.


Our carpenter services can help you with different types of wood repair projects. Our day handyman services take on the simplest tasks like door trimming or filling cracks in wooden decks, to repairing other types of woodwork.


Need help installing a new door, countertop, flooring, or anything else you don’t have time for ? Our handyman team is available to help you with your projects. 

And what about smart home installation services? You may opt to purchase the technology, and we can complete the installation. Our team is composed of experienced professionals who can install quickly and at a much better price than a contractor.


Remodeling contractors are crucial allies in your quest to improve your home. Few homeowners have the time, experience, or ability to do it all themselves. That’s where the MOM cleaning remodeling contractor steps in. We organize your home remodel, renovate your space – from refined dining room spaces all the way up to lavatory installations – and ensure its successful completion.

Why Hire Mom Cleaning Handyman Services

As a company geared towards serving the administrators and proprietors of commercial spaces, we have already established a set of rules and standards by which to deliver our services.

Although we offer and specialize in residential, commercial and industrial cleaning, we have strived to ensure that our handymen offer you a service that matches, if not surpasses it. Mom Cleaning undertakes an interview and screening process for all of its professionals, and our handymen are no exception. 

Moreover, before considering an applicant’s candidacy, we ask for references and cross-check them rigorously. This is a crucial part of the process because we’re aware that they will be working in sensitive areas of your business. Our clients need to be sure they’re dealing with a serious professional at every stage.

Feel free to contact us for a quote for any maintenance jobs you may need. Our handyman services are at the ready for all our clients.

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