Blast Cleaning Services

As time goes by, surfaces age and accumulate stubborn dirt, dust, grease, rust, and oxides that just won’t come off with a traditional cleaning method.

That’s why we’re happy to present our blast cleaning services, the most effective process to make your woodwork, stonework, and metal look as good as new by blasting the surfaces with a wide variety of abrasive media with no damage or corrosion to the surface.

MOM employee blast cleaning a wall

Whether you’re looking to bring back the luster of an original surface or you’re doing surface preparation for a new paint coating, you can benefit from our blasting services. So read on to learn more about what we can do for you.

The Importance of Blast Cleaning Services

Is It Worth Getting Blast Professionally Cleaned?

Currently, abrasive blast cleaning is the best surface preparation, restoration, and dirt removal method available because blasting makes the surface look as good as new by cleaning off any resilient layers of schmutz.

As a bonus, the new clean surface will be able to hold new coatings for longer. So painting or coating a surface is much easier after blasting it.

To illustrate, imagine how labor-intensive it is to remove rust off metal parts or clean decades-old dirt off other materials using other techniques like sanding or wire brushing.

Besides, it would cost you at least 2-3 times as much time to sand or brush the surface as it would to blast it. That’s when assuming the manual method is being done quickly and efficiently with no slacking. And even then, the results will probably be different and not as effective and efficient as blast cleaning.

Moreover, somewhat surprisingly, blasting is even more environmentally friendly than traditional methods. Because despite methods like shot blasting and sand-blasting being very abrasive, they cause less damage than most cleaning chemicals.

Plus, many types of abrasive blasting use reusable or recyclable media, such as compressed air, plastic media, steel media, or even organic media like a walnut shell, meaning that there’s no need to dispose of any chemicals after the act.

So, in short, blasting is a vastly more efficient and environmentally friendly process than its counterparts. It also removes dirt and rust better.

Why Use Blast Cleaning Services

Time and Money Savings

Although blasting services typically cost a little more than other methods like sanding, blasting is a far more cost-effective service, especially in the long term.

Think of this – a skilled sanding technician with years of experience will cost you as much as a low-end blasting service, and the latter will probably still produce better results.

But even when you compare middle-end manual methods with middle-end blasting services, the latter still prevail. As we said above, the manual method will take at least 2-3 times as long to finish, even when done perfectly. So that’s already a ton of time saved.

Also, since blasting cleans better, your surfaces will take more time to get dirty again, so you won’t need to clean as frequently, and any new coating you apply will adhere better for longer. So blasting is a much more cost-effective process in the long term that many industries prefer for their common applications.

Blast Cleaning Services Appearance

Blasting is perfect for removing all visible traces of dust, rust, oxides, oil, and any other unwanted contaminant through aggressive high-pressure machinery that’s unmatchable by manual labor. Even graffiti and paint removal are doable tasks for blasting services.

This modern process effectively makes your surfaces look as good as new. Plus, blasting is excellent for rejuvenating old, historic buildings or artifacts.

Our Solutions

Through our years of experience in blast cleaning services and almost all the other types of cleaning you can think of, we’ve established ourselves as one of the most reliable cleaning companies in Canada.

Our methods are effective through trial and error, and we let our results speak for themselves. Also, we can guarantee that we have high standards that we abide by to win your satisfaction.

What Are Blast Cleaning Services?

Types of Blast Cleaning Services

Types of blast cleaning use different abrasives. And there are many types of this service, but the most common are sand-blasting (aka grit blasting), shot blasting and shot peening systems, hot water, glass blasting, and dry ice blast cleaning services. For brevity, we’ll quickly list each type and an explanation below.

  • Sand-blasting/grit blasting: Removes paint and rust from metal
  • Shot blasting: Cleans, polishes, and strengthens metal using cast iron, steel, etc.
  • Hot water: Uses vapor to remove paint, mold, grime, dust, and mud
  • Glass blasting: Removes calcium deposits and fungus
  • Dry ice blasting: Gets rid of unwanted coating whether it’s paint or rust

Our Blast Cleaning Methods

We use different blast cleaning methods depending on several factors, such as your request, the surface you’d like cleaned, the type of contaminant stuck on the surface, the building’s size and structure, and any other special requests you might have as well.

What’s Included in Blast Cleaning Services

When you hire blast cleaning services, expect them to fully clean the surfaces you target and make them look as good as new. Also, they should be using different types of media depending on your surface and what’s contaminating it.

Professional Blast Cleaning Equipment

The most common blast equipment is blast machinery, which are large tanks that contain the media that’ll be blasted and a nozzle to let it out. There are differently built machines for different blast types too.

Ultra-high pressure pumps are also standard for blasting at pressures up to tens of thousands of PSI. And for some jobs, we use air treatment machines, such as air blowers or dehumidifiers.

Lastly, personal protection equipment is mandatory for all our workers because safety is our top priority.

Blast Cleaning Examples

The most common examples of blast cleaning are removing contaminants from buildings, engine parts, complex objects, swimming pools, and antiquities.

Our Blast Cleaning Methods

How to Hire a Blast Cleaning Company?

Most companies should have a website that you can use to inquire about the service or hire directly. If not, then they’ll have a phone number you can call for the same purpose.

How to Choose a Professional Blast Cleaning Service?

Make sure the service you’re picking has the experience and customer reviews to back up its integrity. Also, they should be using different blasting types for different jobs. Lastly, look out for their attitude – the company should be friendly and professional.

Our Blast Cleaning Plans

After you hire our service, we first analyze the surface you need to be cleaned. Then, we determine which blasting technique is suitable for the job.

Next, we prepare our blasting equipment and machinery alongside the grit, steel, air, glass, or whatever type of media we’ve decided is best suited for the job.

Finally, after we’re done blasting your surfaces clean, they’ll be sparkling as good as new.

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Depending on the type of service and how stubborn the contaminants are, it could cost as low as $2 per square foot and as high as $5 per square foot.