Emergency Locksmith Services

Many of us have been in an emergency locksmith situation where you left your keys somewhere, and you have no idea where they might be. Now, these could be your house, office, or car keys. In any of these cases, it’s pretty frustrating.

That’s why everyone should have a decent 24-hour locksmith service on call. Of course, you never know when these things are going to happen. But, when they do happen, you don’t want to be underprepared.

Emergency Locksmith Services by MOM professionnals

There’s more than one type of locksmith service, the most common ones being house doors and car doors.

But there are also commercial locksmith services where it’s the locksmith’s responsibility to create duplicate keys and manage them for the commercial property staff.

So read on to learn about our emergency locksmith services, so you know who to call for your locksmith needs.

The Importance of Emergency Locksmith Services

An emergency demands a quick solution, and our emergency locksmith service provides precisely that.

Most people lack the experience of a trained locksmith. And most of the time, when the average Joe tries to pick a lock, it ends up getting damaged.

Also, if you lose your keys or misplace them and can’t remember where they are, we’d advise you to get your locks professionally replaced instead of relying on key duplicates.

That’s because someone could’ve found your keys, and it’d feel unsettling if you’re not sure whether some stranger has access to your home or not.

So it’s best to be safe and ensure your family’s safety by getting that lock changed.

Is It Worth Having Your Door Opened by a Locksmith?

Yes, without a doubt. If you want to get that car or house door opened as quickly as possible without causing any damage to the lock, it’s better to have a trained professional do it.

Furthermore, there are many types of locks, and each one requires a precise procedure to be followed for the lock to be open.

Other common locksmith emergencies have to do with cars. And each one requires a different procedure.

For example, you could lose your keys entirely, and in that case, it’s way cheaper to call a car locksmith than go to the dealer.

Good locksmith technicians can do car key replacement as well as ignition repair. And the best part? Both procedures are relatively quick and don’t damage the car.

Why Use Emergency Locksmith Services

Time and Money Savings

By using our 24-hour locksmith service, you save a lot of time since we arrive within half an hour from your call.

Say goodbye to waiting for hours for your local locksmith to show up. Instead, we provide the best locksmith service in the market to make sure we meet your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

An emergency locksmith takes somewhere around 20 minutes on average to pick your lock, which is faster than if the average person were to do it themselves.

However, some locks could take more than 20 minutes. It heavily depends on the type of lock on your door.

As for the money, you can be sure that our emergency locksmiths deal with the locks with extreme precision, ensuring the safety of your locks and doors.

On the other hand, a local locksmith might not be so careful and could damage the lock’s core structure, which will cause you to spend a bigger sum replacing the whole thing.

Our Solutions

One of the most common reasons people need an emergency locksmith is when their key breaks inside the lock. Over time, as a key wears off and becomes more brittle, its chance of breaking increases drastically.

If that happens to you, give us a call. A locksmith has all the tools needed to take out the key fragment, and there won’t be a need to change your lock entirely.

Another problem some people face is when their keys are difficult to turn.

For instance, do you feel like you’re pushing against a brick wall when turning your key? That could mean two things. Usually, the lock just needs some lubrication.

However, rough turning could also mean that your lock is taking its dying breaths. In that case, we replace your old lock with a brand new one, and voila!

What Are Emergency Locksmith Services?

Types of Emergency Locksmith Services

The most known type is residential services; that’s when someone gets locked out of their house, loses their keys, or breaks their key inside the lock.

There are also commercial lockouts. We handle all types of locks, including any you have in your store or business.

There’s also lock maintenance. That includes residential, commercial, and industrial lock repairs and replacements. Our services tend to your locksmith needs and make sure your experience with locks is always smooth and easy.

Our Emergency Locksmith Methods

If you got locked out of your car, one of our favourite tools we use in this situation is Lishi picks, which are titanium picks that move the lock from the inside into a position where it traps and wafers, then the wafer depth is measured, and we make a new key out of it.

What Is Included in Emergency Locksmith Services

Our emergency locksmith services include more than just a few lockpicks. When you call for our emergency services, a trained professional comes to you promptly with a complete set of tools and the equipment needed for any situation to guarantee to fix your problems as soon as possible.

Professional Emergency Locksmith Equipment

Our emergency locksmiths show up with a wide range of equipment, including a key extractor for when keys break inside locks, a lockpicking hook, a scope for making sure everything is set up correctly in a tight space, and a rake.

Our locksmith technicians also bring with them installation templates, a tension wrench, and a lockpick gun. So as you can see, we’ve got the whole nine yards.

Emergency Locksmith Examples

You can need an emergency locksmith for a multitude of reasons. The most obvious is a home or car lockout.

But it’s also considered a locksmith emergency when you experience a break-in since you’ll want a professional to take care of your door situation the correct way.

Another way our 24-hour locksmith service might come in handy is if you suddenly can’t lock your door. That could happen at any time, and you deserve to live in a safe environment with your doors locked.

Our Air Emergency Locksmith Services

How to Hire an Emergency Locksmith Company?

You can hire professional locksmiths through the internet or by phone.

The trendy way is to look up their social media page or website, send them an email or text them your situation and address, and they’ll be at your place within half an hour.

The other way is to look their number up, call them, tell them what you need, and give them your address.

How to Choose a Professional Emergency Locksmith Service?

Many companies advertise a 24-hour service. But you need to make sure you’re safe if you’re calling someone to your house at three in the morning.

First, you should always go for fully licensed emergency locksmiths. That way, you know they’re legitimate, and you have nothing to worry about.

Remember that a locksmith being licensed means that they had to undergo a selection process, including experience and expertise in this field.

Besides, they wouldn’t want to lose their license and would be ready to own up to any accidents. So yes, license all the way.

Other than that, you should expect professionalism during the contacting phase. Meaning that if the company doesn’t respond politely or isn’t prompt on its promises, that’s a red flag.

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How much you’re going to pay mainly depends on the type of service you’re asking for, how big the job is, and how much time it takes our professional technicians to get it done.

To give you some idea, though, the average hourly rate for a locksmith is somewhere between $50 and $100. The after-hours rates could climb a bit higher, though, think $20 more.

A car re-key could go as high as $300, and if you wanted to open a safe or install electronic security, that could cost you around $400.

If you locked yourself out of your house or car, your doors don’t lock, or you lost your keys, all those are considered emergency locksmith situations, and you should contact a professional if you ever find yourself in any of them.