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Alessandro Aldea - Toronto Franchise Owner

Are you fed up with offices that are not as clean as you would like? Is your office cleaning Toronto service letting you down? First impressions are essential. If your offices are not sparkling clean and fresh smelling, your customer’s first impression will not be favourable. If this is the case, you should be speaking to us about office cleaning Toronto.

How can MOM’s Commercial Housekeeping Service make a difference?

MOM has a range of services that will keep your offices not only clean but disinfected as well, and especially during COVID-19 times, this is a necessity that offers full peace of mind. Talk to us today for a free estimate on any of our services detailed below. We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround on estimates, so you won’t wait long for us to get back to you.

Commercial Housekeeping

We have many years of experience in office cleaning services, and our experience shows that cleaning is much more involved than dusting desks and mopping the floor. We offer a complete, professional service aimed at ensuring your premises is comprehensively cleaned.


Fifteen years of dealing with every kind of flooring have taught us the most effective means of restoring and cleaning any floor surface. Our office cleaning Toronto crew will strip, clean and polish, leaving your floors spotlessly clean and safe to walk on.


Rugs and carpets are expensive, and not cleaning them properly will shorten their lifespan, not to mention leave them looking grubby and unhygienic. MOM’s office cleaning Toronto processes will restore your rugs to just-bought brightness and extend their lifespan, saving time and money.


Natural light is vital in any office for the well-being of your staff. Dirty windows block out the light and give an awful impression to your clients. Our skilled window cleaners will soon have your glass bright and sparkling.


This is an often overlooked part of the regular office cleaning in Toronto but at MOM Commercial Cleaning we take it very seriously. We have a professional service for disinfection and prevention of Covid 19.

Our disinfection services follow the same protocols that we practice daily in Covid-19 detection centers, Montreal hospitals and nursing homes (CHSLD in Quebec). We care about keeping your employees and customers safe. But that does not prevent everyone from taking the maximum security measures to protect themselves from covid-19. Disinfection helps, but nothing replaces each individual’s prevention.

The cleaning we undertake will also disinfect floors, carpets, and other surfaces, but there is an area that needs special attention; namely ventilation ducting.

Ventilation Ducts

An area that is often overlooked during office cleaning is the ventilation ducts. MOM has the experience and tools to clean these areas thoroughly. This means the air circulated around the building is clean, hygienic, and free of bad smells.

Exterior Cleaning

Sadly, the air in our cities tends to leave the exterior of your building looking dirty and uncared for. Add to this graffiti, and soon your building is not presenting the facade that you need. Let us take a pressure cleaner to the exterior or your parking garage to restore that just-painted gleam.

To get an idea of the price range for office cleaning you can consult our cost guide.

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Lucy Taylor
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If I could do more than 5 stars I definitely would! The team members of MOM Cleaning are fantastic to work with! They are quick, detailed, always on time, and extremely reliable. Excellent service!
Carina Sweibel
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If you need the job done right, call MOM. Professional, always dependable and most importantly spotless.
Bryan Fitzpatrick
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We employed MOM Cleaning to take care of our cleaning needs. The staffs that completed the job were prompt, efficient, and super-friendly to deal with. I would highly recommend MOM Cleaning to anyone looking for professional cleaning services at a very reasonable price.
Tanya T
Lire plus
We got deep cleaning, and the job exceeded our expectations 👌
Esther Collins
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MOM Cleaning offers A+ service and are extremely responsive to our phone calls and emails. They provide a fantastic cleaning service and we have been using them for a year now. We highly recommend them!

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