Interior Painting Services

As time goes by, old paint needs to get replaced. It’s almost as if it’s an inverse mathematical relation, but in reality, it’s just that paint has a lifespan, just like everything else.

But even if your paint is still fine, maybe you need a fresh paint colour to add some spice to your home’s interior. That’s a perfectly valid want!

Either way, getting your house painted is a big project. So what can you do? Simple – get someone who can handle any painting project.

Interior Painting Services by MOM Professional

That’s why we’re happy to offer homeowners our reliable painting services for all your interior house painting needs. So read on to learn about exactly what makes our service special.

The Importance of Interior Painting Services

There are more than a few reasons to get a fresh coat of paint for your house.

The first and probably the most obvious reason is aesthetic. A new paint job can change how your entire home looks and feels. Unfortunately, as the years go by, you might get used to your current paint colour, and interior spaces might start to feel a bit dull.

Your first instinct might be a house remodel, but fresh paint colours can be very effective at brightening the mood in your house at a fraction of the cost of remodelling.

For example, you can paint ceilings or get an accent wall or painted wallpaper for much cheaper than new furniture.

Your house will look brand new too! This is especially important if you have a busy family with kids that love to play around since walls can get dented or worn out with heavy traffic.

And if you’re considering selling your house, you’ll benefit from painting the entire interior too as the new look will attract more potential buyers, especially if you pick a trendy colour selection.

But what if we told you that interior house painting isn’t only about aesthetics?

One of the benefits of paint is shock absorption. Paint does well to protect the structure of your walls from wear and tear.

Moreover, paint keeps moisture out of your walls, preventing mould and bacteria from growing there and damaging its structure.

Also, if your current paint is old, it might have relatively high VOC levels. If you’re not familiar, VOC is a chemical that many paint makers commonly used in the near past.

Fortunately, we now know that it dissolves in the air when the paint dries and has harmful, possibly carcinogenic effects on your health.

Nowadays, paint has very low to zero VOC content, so applying a fresh coat of paint means purifying the air in your house in the long term.

Is It Worth Getting Interior Professionally Painted?

You might feel tempted to try out house painting yourself, but chances are professional painters are the better choice.

Unless you’re an expert on interior house painting, you might not know the best types of paint, tools, and strategies to go about painting as much as professional interior painters do.

That’s because painters are credentialed for this work and know what they’re doing, so they can guarantee you high standards, professional results, and efficiency.

Why Use Interior Painting Services

Time and Money Savings

If you have matters to tend to, such as work or household chores, you won’t have much time to paint your rooms yourself. And if you try to, you’ll likely be constantly distracted by your other occupations.

You’ll also have to do your fair share of research before you start. For instance, you need to know what type of paint you’ll use and what tools to buy.

Speaking of tools, unless you have some professional painting tools lying around, you’ll need to go out and buy them.

Needless to say, the cost to paint your own space can be high with all these factors. And after all of this, you might not end up with the results you want because of these obstacles.

Paint House Interior Appearance

The biggest advantage of professional painters is their results. Applying a fresh coat isn’t a simple process, and painters have their intricate techniques to achieve the perfect seamless results to make your walls and ceilings look just as you want them to.

Our Solutions

When our painters arrive at your house, they do the necessary prep work before they start painting. For example, they’ll move furniture around, remove any pictures off walls, cover the floor, remove cutlery and plates if they’re doing cabinet painting, and so on.

Once everything is set, work starts. Our painters take about 2-3 days per room on average. So the entire duration of their work will depend on how many rooms you have and their square footage.

What Are Interior Painting Services?

Types of Interior Painting Services

Interior painting mainly focuses on wall painting. However, there’s also ceiling painting and cabinet painting if you want to change the paint colours.

There’s also the rare “two coats” treatment if your house needs two coats of paint.

What Is Included in Interior Painting Services?

Our painting services include professional, experienced painters with their tools, equipment, and paint – basically everything they need to complete the job.

Be rest assured that our team of painters has everything at their disposal to give you the results you’re looking for, and that is a seamless-looking fresh coat on every square foot in your home.

Professional Interior Painting Equipment

One step that non-painters don’t often think about is cleaning the substrate before applying a new coat. For this, painters use a pressure washer to get all the dirt off so that the new layer can stick properly.

Sometimes the substrate is too rough or has holes in it. In these cases, painters use sandpaper to smooth the surface and caulk to fill any holes before applying paint. And if there’s rust, they use an industrial-grade primer to get it off.

And for hard-to-reach spots, painters have their ladders or other lifts at their disposal.

Lastly, the right paint coupled with brushes and rollers is what you often picture when you think of this job.

Interior Painting Examples

Examples include painting the walls, crown moulding, drywall repairs before applying a new coat, cabinet painting, and ceiling painting.

House Painting

While house painting is an umbrella term that includes interior and exterior painting, the focus here is more on the exterior.

Nowadays, you might see exterior painters separated from their interior counterparts, unlike how it’s historically been one unified job.

Residential Painting

A residential painter is responsible for everything about painting a residential building from start to finish. Depending on the painter themselves, they might do these tasks themselves or delegate them to their subordinates.

Our Interior Painting Services

How to Hire an Interior Painting Company?

There are two ways to hire a painting company: through the internet or by phone.

You can either look up the company’s website on Google or look up their Facebook page and shoot them an email with your request and address, and they’ll tell you what to do from there. Some companies will even text you to keep an active conversation going.

Alternatively, you can look up the company’s phone number, call them, and book your appointment that way.

How to Choose a Professional Interior Painting Service?

The first official papers to look at in a company are licenses and insurance. If a company’s painters are licensed and the services are insured, then you can be comfortable letting them work on your home since it’s an indicator of their dedication and responsibility.

There are also a few more checks to do along the way before they enter your house, such as communication and the company’s reputation.

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Interior painting services cost $2-3/sq.ft. on average, but the cost can vary depending on several factors.

Yes. A professional painter is licensed, has the right tools and time, and has the required experience and expertise for the job.