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Office Cleaning you are Probably Forgetting

When it comes to office cleaning, there are always the obvious places that we deep clean and tidy up. But some areas of your office that are less obvious need that TLC too. Getting to these little spaces in your office will help you stay healthier and allow you to work in a truly clean environment. So what are these spots that you’re probably missing?

Your keyboard

You spend all day at the computer, and even though you’re probably washing your hands during the day, germs build up fast. Dirt and grime can get caught on picture of a dirty keyboardand in between the keys, so it’s important that you make sure to get that keyboard clean more often than not. Use keyboard cleaner to get into the cracks and make sure to give the keys a surface wipe using disinfectant. The same goes for your computer mouse or track pad. Make sure your computer station gets disinfected daily.


Just like your keyboard, your phone(s) can harbor germs that you don’t even think about. From pressing the keys to speaking into it, you might be leaving unwanted bacteria on it all the time. So give it a good wipe at the end of the day with disinfectant cloths, so that you can start the next day on a clean slate.

Door handles

Hand on door knob

Anything that you touch with your hands can become the #1 hangout for germs and bacteria. When it comes to door handles, even in your personal office, it’s likely that everyone and their brother has touched it. Door handles often get neglected in the office clean up, so make sure you’re asking your janitorial staff to give all the doorknobs in he office a nice wipe-down with disinfectant.

Light switches

Not any different than the door handles, the light switches often get neglected in the cleaning regime, too. Think of it this way: anything that many people are liable to touch needs to be cleaned with a good disinfectant every day.

Light fixtures

Just because sometimes we can’t see them, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t getting dirty. Light fixtures have a tendency to gather with dust and sometimes even little bugs. It’s important to get them cleaned out so that your office space is not a hot spot for dust. Keep the allergens out by keeping the fixtures clean.

Air vents

The ducts and ventPicture of a dirty air vents around the office should be getting cleaned professionally every season, but it doesn’t mean that you have to wait until then to get yours cleaned. Asking the janitorial staff to help get the build up of dust wiped out of the grate or even doing it yourself will allow you to continue breathing fresh and clean air in your office in between cleanings.



Blinds have a tendency to collect layers of dust if you don’t clean them regularly. While they won’t be blowing dust around your office like a dirty air vent will, the build up will definitely affect the clean air in your space. Giving them a weekly wipe down with a duster will help eliminate that build up and give you a healthier work environment.Picture of dusty blinds


While these pesky places might not be the most obvious, it is essential that you put cleaning them into your routine. Asking for assistance from your office janitorial staff can help ensure that these jobs are getting done.

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