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Cleaning should be first on the list

At MOM, unless there is an urgent need for decontamination, we suggest to begin the job by cleaning all surfaces thoroughly to improve the disinfection efficiency.

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Sanitization and disinfection

Our cleaning teams follow CNESST and CIUSSS protocols to ensure the safety of people and properties. Most of them have been trained there.

Health Canada certification

All disinfectant used by MOM are certified by Health Canada for their efficiency. 99.99% of the COVID-19 19 Virus will be eliminated after just a few minutes.

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Carpet cleaning

360°disinfection would not be complete without a thorough cleaning of your carpets. Combine different services and save!

Prevention against the COVID-19

We offer cutting-edge microbial barriers prevention and other preventive technologies that reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Disinfection 7/7

Our teams are ready to intervene within 3 hours, to ensure that your establishment returns to normal same or next day.

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