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You take pride in your business, we take pride in our cleaning. MOM offers the full range of janitorial, cleaning, hygiene and disinfection solutions. With each service, you can expect the same MOM quality.

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Retail Cleaning Services

Retailers of every size — from single boutiques to chains to big-box outlets — know that you get few second chances. Customers are discriminating and fickle, and appearances count for a lot. The perception of a clean, orderly store reflects well on your merchandise. But a stained carpet, dull floor or dirty window sends the wrong signal. The customer can change her mind and never return.

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Trained staff of our janitorial services company MOM

Manage perceptions with MOM

With MOM in your store, customer perception supports your brand and pricing. A well-maintained store also costs less to run, as regular floor maintenance can delay costly replacements. We change light bulbs or tubes and manage all consumables. So while we’re busy maintaining a pristine showcase for your merchandise, you have more time for the customer.

Leave it to MOM personnel

MOM has the experience and scope to support your retail success. We partner with your manager to provide services tailored to the individual store. Plus, you have an edge in MOM personnel — all certified via our 12-course training program. You can expect professional, uniformed staff you can trust with merchandise and with your reputation — from shop window to fitting rooms.

one of our dedicated team cleaning a commercial building

All MOM janitorial services promote hygiene, pride, and productivity to protect your brand and image.

MOM commercial cleaners deliver facility care beyond compare.

Refinishing and restoring floors is critical to your facility’s overall appearance.

Professional cleaning will extend their life and enhance the appearance.

From street fronts to high-rises, sparkling windows make an instant impression.

Post-construction cleaning can be dirty, prolonged and disruptive if not done right.

MOM’s air duct cleaning solutions address the health concerns of indoor air quality.

Building facades, sidewalks, parking lots and garages deserve the same MOM clean.

We’ll disinfect and protect your facility by creating an advanced microbial barrier.

We catalogue, stock and deliver everything from light bulbs to paper products.

Talk to MOM. Better yet, talk to a MOM client. We’re confident they’ll explain why there’s no one quite like MOM.

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