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Medical Centre and Clinics Cleaning Services by top Pros since 2004

You take pride in your business, we take pride in our cleaning. MOM offers the full range of janitorial, cleaning, hygiene and disinfection solutions. With each service, you can expect the same MOM quality. Contact us now and find out how our modern cleaning approach can help you work in a healthier clinic.

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Medical Centre and Clinic Cleaning Services

Medical centre, clinic and hospital managers understand that before you can cure, you must protect. And this means providing an environment where patients and their families are not exposed to undue risks of infection. Sanitation and hygiene are therefore fundamental to operations. Janitorial services should be a partner in your operations and in protecting the welfare of patients and staff.

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Protect patients and your reputation

MOM provides the professional cleaning and sanitation services your facility needs to help protect lives. MOM staff are trained and certified in the latest regulatory standards, and we’ll work with you to set up infection control protocols for each zone in your facility. You can also be confident in how MOM staff manage bio-hazardous waste and respect expensive medical equipment.

MOM best practices

With MOM, there’s no need to explain how critical an aseptic environment is to your operations. We consider ourselves your partner in infection control and in promoting best practices in disinfection and hygiene. We have the equipment, processes and training to be your ally in preventing the spread of infections, thereby protecting your reputation.

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All MOM janitorial services promote hygiene, pride, and productivity to protect your brand and image.

MOM commercial cleaners deliver facility care beyond compare.

Refinishing and restoring floors is critical to your facility’s overall appearance.

Professional cleaning will extend their life and enhance the appearance.

From street fronts to high-rises, sparkling windows make an instant impression.

Post-construction cleaning can be dirty, prolonged and disruptive if not done right.

MOM’s air duct cleaning solutions address the health concerns of indoor air quality.

Building facades, sidewalks, parking lots and garages deserve the same MOM clean.

We’ll disinfect and protect your facility by creating an advanced microbial barrier.

We catalogue, stock and deliver everything from light bulbs to paper products.

Talk to MOM. Better yet, talk to a MOM client. We’re confident they’ll explain why there’s no one quite like MOM.

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