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Medical Centres

MOM has the know-how, training and technologies to provide top janitorial services tailored to your medical centres.

Medical Centre Cleaning Services

Medical centre, clinic and hospital managers understand that before you can cure, you must protect. And this means providing an environment where patients and their families are not exposed to undue risks of infection. Sanitation and hygiene are therefore fundamental to operations. Janitorial services should be a partner in your operations and in protecting the welfare of patients and staff.
dedicated staff of our commercial cleaning services company MOM
Trained staff of our janitorial services company MOM

Protect patients and your reputation

MOM provides the professional cleaning and sanitation services your facility needs to help protect lives. MOM staff are trained and certified in the latest regulatory standards, and we’ll work with you to set up infection control protocols for each zone in your facility. You can also be confident in how MOM staff manage bio-hazardous waste and respect expensive medical equipment.

MOM best practices

With MOM, there’s no need to explain how critical an aseptic environment is to your operations. We consider ourselves your partner in infection control and in promoting best practices in disinfection and hygiene. We have the equipment, processes and training to be your ally in preventing the spread of infections, thereby protecting your reputation. Furthermore, our experience, ranging from hospital cleaning to office cleaning in Montreal, allows us to have great flexibility and scope to meet your center’s specific needs.

Qualified staff of MOM commercial cleaning

Chiropractic clinic

Specialized cleaning services for chiropractic clinics, ensuring a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for patients.

Dental practice

Provide your patients with an impeccable and secure dental practice through our specialized cleaning service.

Physiotherapy clinic

Choose our specialized cleaning services for your physiotherapy clinic, ensuring cleanliness, hygiene, and patient protection.

Psychology clinic

Ensure a clean and secure environment in your psychology clinic with our specialized cleaning services.

Medical aesthetic clinic

Protect your patients and reputation with our exemplary cleaning service for medical aesthetics clinics, guaranteeing a safe and impeccable environment.

Massage therapy clinics

Maintain your massage therapy clinic impeccable and safe with our expertise in specialized cleaning.

Leave the dirty work to us!

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